Problem with Bass Kits

I’ve downloaded the Premium content Drum & Bass as well as User content Rock with Bass and Standard PBass. But only the Rock with Bass kit plays bass when I select it as a song’s default kit. In the drum editor, I can see that the Standard PBass kit has bass content (I don’t see that in the Drum & Bass), but it still doesn’t play bass parts (I’m using Seven Nation Army and Long Train Running with Bass as my test songs). Instead of bass, the songs play either silence or miscellaneous percussive sounds. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

I’m running the latest firmware and latest BeatBuddy manager. The BB manager and the BB play consistently between each other.

Thanks for the help!

Contrary to what the name of the kit implies and as you’ve figured out, Drum & Bass does not contain bass guitar notes.

What actual BBM and firmware versions are you using? 1.6.6c and 1.9.7 are the latest beta versions and they tend to sound the best and perform better. However, songs that were created using previous versions of the BBM have bass notes where the note rings on. The different kits with bass will sound differently. Suggest you try SuperBassG on both songs and see what you think of the sound of the bass notes.

In the drum tab, have you clicked the check box to enable that drum set and then saved? If not, you should probably do so. See screen shot.

Thanks for the background and the advice. I’ll give the beta and kit a shot. I did have the kits checked thanks to one of the video tutorials.

It is nice to see the BeatBuddy is continuing to evolve and get even better!

Standard PBass has a very good complete GM implementation (thanks to Jivejong) the other kits and most of the song are not based on this, so you should remap the bass line 2 or 3 octaves higher to sound good.

if you want more details look at my post here

So…I’m totally new to this idea of bass sounds with BB, so forgive me on this. How exactly does that work? Is this just additional midi map type thing you program? I’m just curious more then anything. I have a bass player (my wife…she is good :slight_smile: ), but occasionally I do a solo show and it’d be a nice option.

Sort of. You build a drumkit and add wavs for bass notes at some place in the kit where you are not using drums. I prefer to use midi 0 through 31, but some others use 63 through 91, and one very good kit starts the bass at 86, I believe. Then, when you build the songs, you have to map the bass part to wherever the bass is in your drumkit, putting bass and drums in the same midi track.

Do you use Ableton or something like that to do this? I can’t see how that could happen with the little midi editor that you can download from BB.

I use Logic Pro X.

But if you just want bass out of BB, there are plenty of songs and drum kits already posted in the Resources section. You only need Beat Buddy Manager to use those.

I’ve seen those, but not for all the songs I do. Thanks.