Problem with BeatBuddy during live set - (not BB's fault)

Here’s an FYI for new users to the BeatBuddy. I had an issue at a gig last weekend when the fills were triggering out of sequence then the BB just turned off during one song. It has been rock solid for me for over a year now so I was really taken back.

After finishing the song I 1 - Unplugged and plugged it back in to reset, pulled out the memory card and reinserted to reset, and checked my connection of my outbound cable to my a/b pedal that I use to start/stop/pause. I would assume that would fix 95% of my issues, but mine it turned out was a problem with the connecting cable to my pause pedal. That was sending random signals to pause or stop my beat. Once I switched out the 1/4 cable the gig moved on with no issues.

Just something to check if you see a similar issue!

thanks - good advice

Loved your version of Tommy Tutone

Yep I have had similar problems with the cable to the footswitch causing accents to trigger randomly. I now have a spare patch cable with me.

Kind of off your topic, but I use the BB live also. I’ve gotten really good at it. People that hear us are really impressed. We had such a hard time finding a drummer, I’ve blown away anyone that has auditioned for us with the BB. I’ve found the less you think about it, and go by feel with your fills and transitions, it really kicks serious a$$. I almost feel like I’m cheating maybe. We do some songs acoustic that I’ve used the hand percussion kit, it’s so good it’s ridiculous…lol