problem with beatbuddy folders

Its seems im having a problem with my folder in the beat buddy manager, i have fifteen plus songs in my one folder named 2 can jam set #1, I tried to go back in and revise and change some things in the folder, but when i do and i save it, when i reopen it there are only three songs, i tried to break the songs into different folders but it gave me more songs than last time but still missing songs, even tried to move everything to a new folder this seems to be a program glitch please fix this. I’ve tried everything and this is seriously frustrating when you need to get it done for gigs and work please help!!! I really liked the beat buddy till this prob came about. now it useless till fixed.

Try removing the ‘#’ from the folder name the BB does not like or support any non alphanumeric characters in your song names e.g. Dots, slashes commas etc… These are used in the data base and will break it. Keep song names and folder names simple with normal letters and numbers,