Problem with Importing a new file

When I go to log in a song file I am getting this. A triangle with an exclamation point. Body of text reads Unable to copy song data for file/Volumes/SD CARD1/Songs/B3106E2/50FD18F.BBS to project

Skipping File OK in blue

Make sure you are using BBM 1.6.4 or later.

If you already are, make sure the name of the song does not contain any periods or special characters. If so, rename it.

I have Firmware 2.0.4 and I can not bring in an existing file that I have used in other areas to rename without getting that message. Yesterday I got it to work, don’t know how, but today it is back to that same error message when I try to bring in an existing file or a new file.

Not the firmware, the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) version.

Are you saving your project on your computer bbworkspace?

BBM 1.64 I did a save when I first opened up the BBManager and this time it imported. So you are saying I should do a Save each and every time I go to Manager to add, change, or delete a song file.

yes anytime you add/change a song you need to save over the current project so that you can then sync it with your BB pedal to transfer the info from the manager software (on your PC/laptop/mac) and data on the computer to the pedal.

The sync function is not lighting up. so I need to dig deeper, I am assuming.

You are confusing the terms. When you alter a song, you should do a File>Save Project. This saves the new configuration to your BB Workspace on your computer. After you finish a session of working on files, moving songs around, creating new folders, etc., then you want to get that content onto your SD Card. At that point, you would do File>Synchronize Project, or, when Synchronize is greyed out, File>Export>Project to SD Card. A “Save Project” action will normally be complete in a few seconds, if that long. Synchronize takes a bit longer, and Export>Project to SD Card can take several minutes.

I tried it that way to save project to SD card. I get a pop up says;
? Unable to delete/volumes/SD CARD1/. program.bbp
What would you like to do?

Let’s start from the beginning. I put my SD card into my computer. a pop up asks if I would like to save a copy since I am loading from my SD Card. If I say no, I can not import a song , if I say yes, I get another copy on my computer and load from that. Say it is file Backup 3-2-18. I can go to my gig list, add a song from my song lists, but when I want to save the project to the SD card, It asks if I want to replace the file. When I say yes, then I get the Unable to Delete.

Sounds to me like you have not used the BB Workspace to maintain your project. If you start BB Manager with no SD card attached to your computer or inserted in your computer, what happens?

I will try that. Basically what I did was to take an old SD Card, copy the songs and folders that I wanted and everything worked perfectly, so I suspect there is some problem with one of my SD Cards

there are other hidden needed files on the SD card for it to all work properly ( I think) so…why did you use a different card instead of just creating a new folder at the top of the original SD card with just the songs you wanted for your gig? Folders and and songs can be moved around up/down.

Because the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) uses it’s own song and folder management system, it is never good to perform BeatBuddy functions using the operating system.

I must be dense, because Persist’s message makes absolutely no sense. I put my SD Card in the computer, open up Beat Buddy Manager. Go to a beat that I think fits, like Country 2 BPM125 and export that song file. When I import that song file, I have to change the name so that it fits with my set list. But that is what stopped happening and I got error messages that said I was unable to copy song data. I have only done this with maybe 100-125 songs but all of a sudden it stopped working and I started getting error messages. I got past the problem for the immediate situation, but am no closer to understanding how I supposedly should be doing it correctly. I even went back and read the owners manual and tried the exact procedure outlined there.

The “^” refers to the post above and it was in reply to post #13.

Now in regards to your post (#15), I’m not sure I’m understanding the entire nature of your problem. It could be that you have reached the limit of 99 songs per folder or it could be another problem. What exactly stopped working? The ability to import a song? Renaming it once you’ve imported it?

Let’s leave your SD card out of your computer and try to do all of your work from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).
[]Export a song from the BBM to your desktop
]Create a new folder or click on a folder that has <99 songs
[]Import the song from your desktop using the BBM
]Rename the song
[]Save Project
]Now insert your SD card to your slot reader
[*]Synchronize Project or Export Project to SD Card
If this still isn’t working, please contact me via private message and we’ll get this resolved.

OK, I opened the BB file from my desktop. added two songs and then when I tried to copy to the disk, I get this error message.
Error copying /Users/jamesjanderson/Backup3-21-18 (1) - Project/SONGS/64EF7675/A1633139.BBS to /Volumes/NO NAME/SONGS/64EF7675/A1633139.BBS

By opening from the desktop, I hope you meant using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and not double-clicking the file.

Check that the names of either of the two songs you added does not have a period (or any special characters) within the song name i.e., Mrs._Robinson

If it does, remove the period and try again.

Now I am ready to slit my wrists. the file I had on my SD Card is gone. So I have backup files which is what the manager asks me to do when I load from the SD card. The old instructions had a whole different set of instructions so I must be out here in la=la land somewhere. I can go to my desktop and load BB manager from that or I can load (or used to be able to before I erased it) from the SD card. But when I go to a song folder, make the adjustments like BPM and all that and save it to my song files, then I can not get it to copy onto the SD card. But if I go to the backup folder, it is copied there, it simply will not load onto the SD card.