Problem with MIDI file creation and to export them

Hello everyone,

I just purchased the BeatBuddy and installed the BeatBuddy Manager (v1.6.5).
I have 2 problems:

  1. MIDI file creation
  2. export created MIDI files.

Problem 1):
I watched tutorials to get started but when I do exactly the same thing at home it doesn’t work.
I do exactly as follows:
1- I create a “song”
2- In the window of the new song at “main loop” I right click → create a new pattern
3- I select a drum kit, tempo, name of the song, number of bars, time signature etc…
4- I create my pattern by enhancing the velocity of the different elements
5- I click on “Apply”
and there error message:

"Error parsing midi files C:/“full path to file.mid
The error log is:
1 - SonTrack::parseMidiFile - ERROR 1 - Midi file does not exist”

If I create a MIDI file on Hydrogen for example and I import it, I modify it according to the drum kit and there it works I can save it.

Problem 2)
On the other hand in all the cases, the created or already existing patterns, I cannot export them in Midi file (Click right on the pattern, “Export Midi Files”). A window appears, I can change the name, choose the destination directory… I validate and nothing happens. The window closes but there is no saved MIDI file in the chosen folder.

It’s very annoying because I can’t reuse the created patterns at least to rewrite them entirely.

I’m on Windows 10

Does anyone have an idea, a solution?

(sorry for the english mistakes, I used a translator)

Hi and welcome, Stephan. Thank you for translating your post. I’ll try to address your issues.

  1. The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor is really not suitable for creating songs and beats. It’s better to use a digital audio workstation (DAW). Some Windows users like MIDI Edit. If Hydrogen meets your needs, there’s no reason to use anything else.

  2. Several Mac and Windows users report that the Export file to MIDI corrupts the MIDI. Reading the steps you followed, you should at least have a file present on your computer.

Sorry you’re having these issues; suggest you contact to see if they can help.

Thank you for your answer Persist,
to overcome the problem I use Hydrogen to create a MIDI file that I then import into the BBManager. I will try MIDI edit thanks.
What bothers me the most is not being able to export the MIDI files to be able to reuse them in other songs and I don’t have the courage to recreate the same thing X times. To answer you, I can’t find anywhere on the computer the presence of a MIDI file after trying to export it.
I have also contacted support, awaiting their response.
Thank you again for your help

I will try to test your process for creating a MIDI file and see if I can determine the issue.

I followed your steps and get an error that says “MIDI Event Does Not Exist” Here’s what I would do differently using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM):

  • BBM - Songs - New Song

  • Before you open the Main Loop to Add A New Pattern,

    • under Title, name the song,
    • under Default Tempo: enter the tempo
    • under Default Drum Set: (where it says None), select a drum set from the dropdown menu
    • From the BBM - File - Save Project
      Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 12.26.36 PM
  • Now right-click Main Loop and choose Create a New Pattern

    • Enter Time Signature:
    • Enter Total Bars Count:
    • Default Tempo: no need to enter a value as you already applied it
    • Enter the desired beats and velocities
    • Press Apply
    • Save Project
  • Test your beat by pressing Play

As for Problem 2, I cannot replicate your issue other than to suggest that you not name the file and to make sure that you are saving the exported MIDI file to your desktop so that it’s easier to find.

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I followed your walkthrough exactly and it still doesn’t work.
before saving the pattern I tested it, it works.

it is while saving that this error message appears

However my procedure I copied it from an internet tutorial and it worked for him, a friend who has a MAC also tested it and it works for him.

For problem 2, I saved the MIDI file to several different directories to view. Never any files anywhere.

I think it must be my computer. I might try uninstalling the BBManager and reinstalling it.

Deleting and then reinstalling the BeatBuddy (BB) app and the bbworkspace folder is usually where Support would have you start. Just make sure that your bbworkspace folder is installed in your /user/documents path. Good luck.

I have the same problem number 2 to export midi file. No file will be created.

Here’s some screen shots that might help you with the process. Although I’m a Mac user, the process should be similar using Windows.

  1. Hover over the song section you want to export to MIDI
  2. Right click your mouse to bring up the contextual menu and select Export MIDI File…
  3. No need to change the Save As: file name; make sure you’ve selected the Desktop so that it’s easy to find your exported MIDI file.

Thanks. I am fully aware of this process, but as described, no file has been stored at the end and no error message appeared.
But now I’ve found the root cause: Neither the song name, nor the song section, nor the file name, nor the file directory may contain a German umlauts like ö, ü or ä.
As soon as I eliminated them it worked. I am on Windows.

Thanks for letting us know how you fixed it. Just like a period and comma, the umlaut is probably another one of those special characters that causes odd behavior.