Problem with MIDI Files edited in Reaper


I am trying to edit one of the existing MIDI files, in this case, to “transpose” ride cymbals to open hats. I drag-n-drop the file into Reaper, make my changes, and export as a new filename. The resulting file leaves a one-beat gap (i.e., silent extra beat)between it ending and the BB file playing. It also leaves a beat gap when looping against itself.

It all looks proper in Reaper, and loops in Reaper just fine. If I open the file in Reaper and make NO changes but save it under a different name I also get weird timing problems.

So what am I doing wrong?

I gotta believe it’s some setting in the Reaper software, I don’t think it’s the BB or the Manger software.

The reason I’m using Reaper for MIDI edit is that, for wholesale transposition (like going from a ride to a hat) it has an excellent little command that allows you to select all notes of the same value, so you can transpose ALL of your ride cymbals to hi-hats. I am more than happy to use something else, if it has that feature, so if you think I’m just using the wrong software, please let me know what you’ve used successfully.

Any help?


I use Guitar Pro 5.2, but it doesn’t have that command.

Where would I find GuitarPro? When I do a search, most of the responses link to PirateBay – not the optimal solution for me.


What you just said there is the only and clear proof of “superiority” of Windows system compared to Mac (at least, to me). I can live with bugs and seek and provide workarounds as long as it’s free

Maybe so, but being in the software business myself, I steer clear of such places. I don’t judge, I just make my own choices.


Any other suggestions?


I’m in the software business too… but, I know nothing as to where one can buy Guitar Pro 5.2… I’ve indeed googled for the subject, but considering the search results, most likely your money will not go to the developer.

My main DAW is a Windows XP SP3 machine running Cubase SX3 which is old, crashes and just frustrates me so I am thinking of moving to Reaper. Not tried it yet but hope to install it this week and test it out. I used to do quite a lot of music production and recording but not anymore, so I am looking for a cheap alternative to Cubase and hope Reaper will be the solution, but it will have to work with the BeatBuddy! I Can’t imagine that Reaper would cause an issue something else must be going on.

Reaper is a great DAW, but it turns out, it IS the problem. Maybe more precisely, it is the location of the problem – I still believe it’s user error somehow. But if I open MIDI files created in Reaper that don’t work properly in my BB, and I re-save them, they work just fine. No idea why.