Problem with MIDI files starting with a rest


I created a simplistic MIDI file for the first part of a quiet song. It’s all 4ths:

rest – hi-hat – rest – hi-hat (see/hear attachment)

However, after the intro MIDI the hi-hat is played first, then a rest etc., leaving out the first rest.

I Hope this gets resolved soon.


As simple as that - don’t start with the rest.

If you feel the absolute necessity to use the rest right at the beginning - use an unsupported MIDI note instead of that - like a MIDI note 0.

Your MIDI file will be 0 - 42 - rest (or 0 as well) - 42.

Here is your fixed file for you:


hi, i was told to move my discussion to this forum. im not actually starting my midi file with a rest, and cant figure out why these won’t play correctly in bb manager. the intro cuts to the main beat, half a beat early, and the main beat rests for 4 beats before looping a second time


Some how I was able to fix the length of the “sludge” beat by importing it into toontrack and the. Exporting it out… But the intro is still rushed even by trying that method to fix it


so this would be the entire song, if you wantbto hear what i mean about the intro being rushed, i know there’s just something simple im missing,but ive been playing with it for hours…also when i export it to my bb pedal the time sig reads 48/182 instead of 4/4, so im guessing that has something to do with it


Looks like the MIDI files you uploaded are MIDI type 1 (single track only format).
I would advise you to use MIDI type 2 (multiple track format) with only one percussion track.


Thanks for the reply. Is this something that can be done from within hydrogen? or is there some kind of midi1 to midi2 conveter?