Problem with midi sync cable.

I purchased a midi sync cable and it won’t plug into the beatbuddy. Any one else have this problem. It seem that the jack is sitting a little to low on my the beat buddy or it is not lined up correctly from inside the pedal. Don’t really want to open it up and try and fix it. The pins seem to be lined up correct but it won’t go in. I’ve try the midi sync cable to other devices like an IRig and it plugged in fine.Also tried cables with similiar jacks and they would not plug in to the beat buddy. Doesn’t seem right to have a brand new unit that won’t do what it is suppose to.

Got it working. Had to force it but it is in. Have it synced to my old korg T3 and now have a Bass line going with a cha cha beat. Sweet. Great pedal.

Just keep in mind that extreme force can bend pins of the cord!

Yes. I tried other cables and had the same problem. So I know that it wasn’t bent pins. It seems that the jack is not mounted properly in the hole. It sits a little low.I seems to recall that someone doing a youtube review had the same problem. I will leave the cable in for now but I hope that it does not become an issue. thanks for the reply.

Hey there Nelson!!
I have a Krome that I have not been able to get around to messing with. I’m new to Midi, but it sounds like you are doing what I “think” is possible: bass lines and the rest of the band playing along with the beat buddy. Do you have any tips, resources or videos that you’ve used that you could point me to?
Thanks and much appreciated!!

Sorry not at this point. What I did on the T3 is go into pattern mode which allows you to create a pattern of whatever length you choose. Kind of like using a looper. I played a 16 measure bass groove and used the beatbuddy as the metronome so to speak. After I finished the loop it synced perfectly with beat buddy. Changing the tempo worked flawlessly. I am waiting on the arrival of an infinity looper. I’ve done lots of sequencing over the years so I may try some of the songs that I have using the beat buddy as the drums. Should be fun. A bass line sounds great with the beat buddy because you really want the bass and the drums to be locked in and be the foundation for everything else. I think the beatbuddy shines when linked with a bass. Even in their demo videos the one with the bass player was my favourite.