Problem with reverberation of bass in selfwritten songs

I could not a reference to this problem I’m experiencing at the moment…

I’m writing a new song/drum (“sack o’ woe”, Jamie Cullum) accompaniment for beatbuddy using these great drumsets like “Ludwig with Bass”, “Rock and Rick Bass” sometimes “Rock with Bass” using the old BBManager. In the bass line I every time hear a strong reverberation of each note I did not put in. So a bass note can be heard far longer than I intended in the midi editor. I even tried putting a very silent bass note directly after those notes - no change.

Any suggestions to this problem? Or do I have to wait for a OpenBBM?

Thanks a lot.


This is an old issue and is probably related to note offs not working properly for bass notes.

Some things that may help

By “old” I hope you’re using the last official release for Mac or 1.6.5 for PC of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

If you have the NP Ludwig with Bass, try using that instead of the Ludwig with Bass.

Phil_Flood will chime in in a moment with more feedback.

Which version of BBM?, PC or Mac. This was an issue and I can’t recall if firmware fixed it, or a newer BBM version fixed it. But since I assume most folks aren’t running 1.66 beta BBM like I am, that proper bass results would be achieve with the official release BBM and up to date firmware.

Thanks for your reply!

Well “old” refers to the latest 2016 version on the Mac, BB running on latest firmware 3.8.0. However in the 3.8.0 firmware changelog non percussion support is mentioned… but it isn’t working.

I would give the 1.66beta a try but I can’t find a download resource.

I got the “Ludwig with Bass” directly from Phil_Flood in Nov19. Is there a separate NP-version?

Thanks to you both for your efforts!


There should be a separate NP version available from Phil (not Flood).

I thought Guitar_Stu had posted how he crafted songs with bass notes to handle note offs but I could not find it on the forum.

If you are trying to use the BBM’s MIDI Editor to create bass lines, you might be better off using a digital audio workstation for the process.

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IIRC, the other trick with the short silent note was to have all bass notes in a choke group and have the polyphony for the group set to 1. Also, PM sent to Mark.

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Thank you!
I’ll give all that a try tonight!
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I found the post from Guitar_Stu. Not entirely certain this will resolve your problem. Here’s the original thread: How to shorten bass notes?

And here’s Guitar_Stu’s post: