Problem With Right Foot Switch


Here we go… I joined to the club!!
I read a lot about this problem in the forum but not is clear what is the solution or if is a firmware bug.
My left button works (stop/start the song) but the right don’t make anything.
I tried to recognize from the BB but only recognize the left.

In BBManager happens something strange, because in Windows and Mac only works the left pedal (in the virtual pedal window/image), the right don’t make nothing. I tested it with songs that has configured the two actions (left and right).

The questions are:
1- What can I do to solve the right button problem?
2- How can change start/stop behavior of my left button?

I had this problem a while ago but I’m not near my beat buddy. Make sure the TRS cable is a stereo cable. I believe that was my issue but there are people on the forum that will give much better guidance than me

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I had this problem a while ago but I’m not near my beat buddy. Make sure the TRS cable is a stereo cable.[/quote]

This. Unless the switch has gone bad, it is almost guaranteed to be the problem.

As for BBM, it has always only had the left switch working. Many have complained, but it’s not a show stopper. Ignore the BBM, it is unrelated to your hardware issue.

Welcome to the club!

It sounds like one of your questions is about the function of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Virtual Machine foot switch buttons.

The right button of the two Virtual Machine foot switch buttons does not do anything. This is simply the way Singular Sound decided to represent the pedal in the BBM.

Users have suggested to Singular Sound that they make the right button work but I’m not sure we will ever see that right button working. It would be nice though.

It would be really slick if the BBM foot switch functions could be controlled by a MIDI foot controller :smiley:


After some weeks (not was easy found the right cable) I tested the switch pedal with new stereo cable and works fine.


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