problem with weak audio out of mono jack on my BB

Hi, folks!
Until today, I had never tried to connect my BB to a PA in stereo. Every situation I used it in made most sense to go in mono, so I plugged a cable in to the mono out jack and ran with it. And, in each situation, I felt that the audio was weak and lacked fullness.
I actually asked on the forums several months ago about tips for EQing the BB. Most responses said they didn’t understand why I would want to do that.

Well, today I decided to give my BB a try in a stereo chanle on my PA. My reasoning was that maybe I was losing half of my signal by going in mono. When I plugged the BB in and pressed play, I got a big surprise. The mono chanle had dramatically less volume and signal. In other words, (and please excuse that I don’t know which is right and which is left) but the jack labled as the one to use in mono sounds really quiet and tinny, and the other one sounds big and exciting. So, for today I went with the chanle which sounds like it is working correctly and I was quite pleased with the BB sound.

So, all this to say, can someone help me sort this out? Why do I not have equally good signal from both output jacks on my BB?

The headphone jack sounds just fine.

If your BeatBuddy has an audibly different signal levels coming out of left and right output, I’d say this may be a hardware problem. Can you make several audio samples indicating the problem you are having with the outputs? Are you sure all the connections between audio cords, your BeatBuddy, other pedals and amp(s) are made properly?

Hi Daef,
I tried different cables, and also made sure that my cables were pushed in all the way.
I was able to compare the audio out of the left and right jack and the left jack is much quieter.

What do you mean can I make samples? Do you mean recordings? I guess I could, but would be sortof difficult.

I don’t want to have to send my BB in, but I guess I could. :frowning:

I think you should contact support directly then at