Problems importing MIDI track, please help!

I’m trying to import a MIDI track as the “Intro” for a song. I created a simple 8 count MIDI “side stick” file…but when I attempt to import it into the BBManager and click “play”, I’m noticing that it doesn’t start on the first beat on the BB LCD display…rather it starts on the “three”

The file plays, but there is a two beat delay before it does so. What am I doing wrong…? Any help is much appreciated…problematic file is attached…

Hi Leo. I just tried your midi file but it contained no midi notes.

You can examine the midi files from this link to help you sort it out

I guess I’m confused…because the file will play in BBManager, so there has to be some kind of event trigger, right? It just seems to be triggering playback 2 beats later than I would expect. Does that make sense? I’m not sure what I’m missing…how are there no MIDI notes, ie…what are you doing to check that? Thanks!

You can try one of mine from the MIDI resource page if you can’t get yours to work.

Hi Leo. I opened your midi file in a DAW. Did you attach the source midi file from your DAW or export it from BBM?

Hi persist…I actually just created that file in Sonar and saved it as type “midi 0”, and then imported to BBM. Perhaps there’s a setting in Sonar that controls the clock or the “start” of the file? I don’t know that much about MIDI, so I’m a little confused…thanks in advance for your help, I appreciate it.

I attached a screen shot of what happens when I import your mid file to BBM.
Type midi 0 is okay as it is a single track. If you’d like, you can try type 1 to see if that makes any difference.
Did you know that you can create a count-in within the BBM itself? It’s pretty easy, if you’d like to try it–I’d recommend updating to the latest firmware and beta BBM versions (check your forum Inbox). You can use either of the links we provided above as examples. Have you tried any of Psalm40’s or other video tutorials available on this forum? They’re pretty helpful and will give you an idea of what to look for as you create a count-in using the BBM.

Which version of BBM are you using when you successfully imported it? And with the new beta version that @persist gave you, are you able to import it or does it give you issues? I just want to see if there is an issue with the file itself or if there really is a difference between the two BBManagers’ reception of it…

I’m going to try the Beta version of the software this evening and see if there is a difference. Right now, I’m using version 1.5 BBM…

Keep us updated.

My intros worked with both versions. One thing I found (and confirmed with Goran) was that I had to add a phantom beat at the start of the next measure, otherwise the BB would only partially play the intro.

Thanks, By “phantom beat” do you mean a zero volume entry or say, an out of range midi note?

Yes, an entry with the lowest possible volume. I think it’s 1, not 0. Using one that doesn’t have a corresponding instrument might work too but I haven’t tried it.