Problems with accent hits...

Since the latest firmware and BB Manager updates, I am having trouble with the FILL function of the main pedal. In one song I created in particular, when I hit the main pedal to trigger a FILL, I will get fragments playing of an accent wav that I created. Doesn’t happen every time but it’s frequently enough to derail the song. The wav files for these accents are keyboard parts I’ve recorded. They are 14 seconds long and 2.43 MB each. They worked flawlessly until the updates, but I couldn’t tell you which update (firmware or BB Manager) may be associated with the glitch b/c I did the updates at the same time.

This is my second issue with a firmware update. When I updated the firmware about a year ago, problem with wavering volume of beats emerged, and also a random ACCENT HIT when hitting the main pedal for a fill. These was no reproducible patter to those issues either but the problem led me to revert back to the older firmware version, which stopped the problem… I’m beginning to wonder if there is a problem with my pedal, footswitch or both.

see this thread:

Regarding the latest issue, I have tried different SD cards and I have deleted the entire song and re-assembled it in the new BB Manager software to see if the problem would go away but it doesn’t.

I tried to attach the song here but it is flagged as “too large.” I’ve posted it to GOOGLE DRIVE and placed the link below. Not sure if that will allow for downloading. It would be great if if someone would try it on his/her setup to see if the problem is reproducible.


I read the old thread and downloaded Uprising. Wow. 5.3Mb is kind of large for a song but it’s probably the wav files. I listened to the song in the BBM and tried the Accent Fills. Nice touch with the keyboard additions in the Accents Fills.

I take it the problem does not happen in the BBM? Have you tried reverting to 1.8.5 or the last version that did not have this issue? And does it still happen?

I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue on my pedal with 2.0.4. Meanwhile, I’d also like to take a look at your wav files, if you could zip and upload them to Google Drive and post the link, that would be helpful.

I tested it on the pedal and when playing Section 1, sometimes when pressing a Drum Fill, the keyboard part will halt and then resume. I could not cause any problems when pressing a Transition Fill in any of the sections.

Does this happen on just the two sections with the keyboard (Accent Hit). Is it isolated to either Section 1 or 2 or both?

Hi Persist
Thanks so much for working on this. Yes, the wave files are pushing the limits of what the BB will allow (in terms of size and length), but they fit the parameters (that’s why I created 2 separate wavs - one large wav wouldn’t fit).

Thanks for the keyboard kudos. Recorded it onto a pc using Audacity, with a SM58 hovering over the crappy built in speaker of a crappy 15 year old Casio.

This was not a problem with the previous version. Glitch started with this latest update.

I just checked to see if the problem occurs in BB Manager, and it does not.

On my pedal, it happens mainly in section 3 which has only a crash accent. And yet, during drum fills, in section 3, I will get random fragments of the keyboard part - maybe 4 seconds and then it stops. Only during fills. And there is a point in the song (section 3) where the drums stop and only the bass player keeps going. So I stop the beat with the right footswitch button - when I start the beat back up with the footswitch or the main pedal, the same glitch occurs, not every time but I’d say 70% of the time.

I pre-ordered this pedal wayyyyy back when. So it’s one of the first shipped. Could it possibly be that there’s something going on with the pedal or footswitch or both? Esp being that it works fine in BB MGR??

To give you an idea of my usage pattern, we play out approx once per month and I’ll rehearse at LEAST once a week for about 2 hours. My BB gets a workout but it’s well-loved, well-used but well cared for!

Here’s the link to the wav files. Each is 2.43MB…

part 1:

part 2:


Thanks for the additional details and the wav files. I’ll dig into this tomorrow. Which drum kit did you use for it? When I load it, it expected Rock. I’ll test with NP Rock with Bass if I don’t hear otherwise.

I used ROCK. When I mentioned bass in an earlier post, I should have stated that we have a live bass player so my only issue is with the drum stuff on my BB setup.


Here’s the crash that I chose for Uprising, in section 3.

Excelente. Thanks.