Problems with BBManager

Just got the BB a couple of days ago for my birthday and I gotta say that I absolutely love it. The realism of the beats is just awesome. Great job on the production of this solo musician’s tool. ONLY have one problem though . . . I cannot figure out how to get the default beats loaded into the BBManager. I have also purchased some extra beats and also another drum set and I cannot get those loaded into the Manager software either. I have watched the videos, read the instructions, looked at the pdf’s, and nothing has worked. This is really frustrating because being the praise and worship leader at the church I attend, I need to be able to load the particular beats that we will be using that morning or evening. Someone please HELP.

What OS are you using and what version of the BB manager?
If it is a Mac you need an SD card reader, can your computer see the SD card?
If Yes then follow the instructions in the videos and let me know where it is going wrong. Once you understand the principles it is quite simple, it can just be a struggle getting to that stage.

OK. Finally got the beats in the manager software. Do I make a new project and import the beats I need for the service into that project and save it?

There’s lots of ways to manage your projects/folder/songs/kit in BBManager but that’s what I would do next - make a new project separate from your base project.

One note - the BB pedal configuration (including footswitch settings) is stored somewhere in your project folder. If you only work your projects from the download, you’ll find the pedal configuration resets every time you put a project on the card. To prevent this, load the SD card with your base project, configure your pedal with the settings you like, then copy the project from the SD card to the computer and use that project as your base. That way, any projects built from that base project will have the configuration settings the way you like them.

I read your post more closely - I think I’m in a similar situation. I play bass for my church praise band as well. We play 5-8 songs for each service. Because that number is pretty small, I prefer to use a separate folder for the service rather than a new project. My one, main project has all the stock songs, stock drum kits, downloaded songs, and downloaded kits in it. I’ve added one new folder to that project to hold the songs I need for the next service.

When I get the song list for the next service, I build custom (tweaked from stock for tempo, drum kit, and sometimes parts) songs for each song on the list. I put those in a separate folder in my main project. The advantage of having the songs for that service in a folder is that I can use the add-on foot switch to navigate through the songs. Since I put the songs in the folder in the order I need them for the service, I just advance to the next song when the one I’m playing finishes. Note that you need firmware v 1.7.5 or greater to navigate the folders with the foot switches.

Because I expect to use songs over on a regular but not frequent basis, I export them to an external folder once the service is over and just load the songs I need for the next service into the folder. So the one new folder I have on the BB titled ‘Sunday Service’ only has the songs I need for the next service. All my other modded songs are archived in a separate folder on my computer.

Also note that all file manipulation must be done in BBManager to have it all work correctly with the BB. Do not use any of the file management features in the OS to do any of what I’ve posted above.

I do something very similar. I have one project which includes all the songs I have created. I create folders for each service and then drag and drop the songs to the Service folder. If I’m making a new song from stock beats I make sure they have been exported and then reimported into the service folder, make the changes and then save. Once used I the move the song to the main archive folder in the project.
I would think of it as one SD card per project otherwise you will break the synchronisation.

I like your idea better than archiving outside the project. I’ll create a new folder called Song Archive and just keep the songs I’m not using there. Then I can drag/drop when I need to move them either way.

Thanks for all the great advice. It really helped out. Now I can say that this BB is just simply amazing. The sound and simplicity of it is great. Used it in the service last night and it was so simple to go to the next song. I love it. Also got some really good compliments on the drums. The said that at first they were looking for the drummer. I can’t say enough good about this BB.