Problems with midi files


Hello all,

I received good tips from Tom100 and CharlesSpencer how to work with midi files to use in my BB, but I finding some problems and I´d like your help:

I just tried to mount two songs in my bb and one of them worked but the other one simply didn´t work. I don´t know if there is some problem with the midi map because I have no Idea how its work, but when I click on play there is any sound.

I attacched the midi file here and if you can help me on it I really aprecciate.




Hi Cogú,

I tried opening your Acima do sol.mid file in my Beat Buddy Manager v132 software, and it says “Error 1 - Midi file is too long. It contains more than 500 events (3222).”

Perhaps use your MIDI editor and break it into pieces, and see if that helps.

Also, the BB drum sets do not cover a lot of instruments in the standard General MIDI drum map (for example Agogo, bongos, etc.) If you created your MIDI file with some of these instruments, that MIDI note will be silent.

Thanks, Dan



Thanks for you response. Related the size of midi, I sent the entire file as a example, but I´ve been cut the song in many parts. I just think is very strange, because I had problem with two different songs and the instruments aren´t so different that the instruments that we have in Samba or Latin songs

I´ll follow trying :frowning:

Thanks so much