Program change via midi


im a new user and im very interested in beatbuddy. I play the acoustic guitar and need some background beats sometimes.
My question is:
can i switch the programs/presets from beatbuddy via midi command?



Can you tell some more about what you are going to do exactly? Like what MIDI device will you use to control a BeatBuddy?


im workin with the app setlistmaker on my ipad. Each song is different and so i can sent a program change command via midi-interface (Line6 Mobilizer II) to select the preset on the beatbuddy. So i dont have to move down to the floor to change the needed preset.

I hope you understand me because my englisch is not so good!



Yes, I understand what you say.

The function you seek will be supported in one of the future releases.


how can you know?
Are you a developer or designer of the beatbuddy?

When this feature is realzed do i have to buy a new device or can i update?



I predict future in my leisure time :slight_smile:

When this feature is implemented, all you will need to do - is simply download the new firmware, as all BeatBuddy units already know how to work with MIDI commands in general.

All jokes aside, these forums are intended to gather feedback from BeatBuddy users. What is good, what needs fixing, what features are most sought after. One of my tasks here is to gather and digest this feedback for BeatBuddy team to consider, and I can tell you I see this specific request too often.