Programable MIDI Foot Controlers

Greetings all…BB newbie here, but learning fast. Sorry if this is an easy answer and has been covered.

I’m assuming this is a yes, but haven’t tried testing it yet. Since I’m able to control BeatBuddy with OnSong (to the level of changing loops with midi events embedded in OnSong sections), I’m figuring I could also use a Programable MIDI foot controller like a Voodolab Ground Control Pro (have one not currently in use).

What I’m going to try and do:

  1. Add a song to BB and for every section in that song (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Solo, Outro, etc) create a Main loop.

  2. Program the Voodolab GCP to start that song section with a stomp on the appropriate Voodoolab control button.

The reason would be to have all the song parts represented on the Voodlab and be able to select any part at any time.

Any advice on said idea?


this guy did something similar:

Perfect, thanks for the link. That’s exactly what I’m looking to do. The FCB1010 is pretty nice. Glad I have the Voodoo Lab GCP sitting around…was feeling guilty for not using it. Nice thing about the GCP is it can control 8 separate MIDI devices, each on their own channel.