Programing Command for Previous and Next

For my custom mode I am mimicking some of the ideas from the Beat Buddy Mode on the MM.
When created the Command to trigger the next part I used:

Type: CC
Channel: 1
Command: 113
Value: 127

It keeps cycling in the transition and never ends.
What do I need to do?

You need the second command that gets sent when you release the pedal. The MIDI Command spreadsheet says this about CC113:

Starts song transition
(Selects the next part)
1: Starts transition, will jump to Part 1 on exit
2: Starts transition, will jump to Part 2 on exit
3: Starts transition, will jump to Part 3 on exit
126: Starts transition, will jump to previous part on exit
127: Starts transition, will jump to next part on exit

Transition will continue looping until value is changed to 0.

In other words, you need to send a second CC113, VALUE=0.

Easy peasy: Send X on press, 0 on Release.

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Makes sense just don’t know how to do that on the iOS MM software?

Hello, yes this is a functionality that is still not built-in, I have spoken with dev about the importance of this being functional and they are working on creating a version that will fix this and allow setting of commands to press or release.


That’s awesome, any idea on eta for that?
Things do seem to be moving a bit faster on the iOS dev.

No specific date to give you but Dev is optimistic it will be very soon.

Any updates on this?

Hey there,
Unfortunately, this is still not released as a fix, but there is a workaround that will just require another tap. Basically, you have to set the button to toggle and use two taps one that will send CC 113 value 1-6, and then cc 113 value 0 which will complete the transition on the next tap.

Or in this case you would use the cc values for next part or previous part.

So do we forsee a real fix for this anytime soon?

Very soon, we’re hoping in the coming weeks, we have expanded our iOs dept to move quicker

Thank you for your patience!

Any updates on this?

It is working in alpha, some minor unrelated kinks still but we should have a version with this fixed very soon!

The redesign is also on the way which will improve a lot of the issues we’re seeing now

Thanks for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

So… update?

We are continuing to work on the apps, sorry for any inconvenience.

Not to be a broken record here, but I’m sure there are lots of folks still waiting for this issue to be fixed.