Programming Beat Buddy Footswitch

Hi , I use my beatbuddy during live sets where i program my own drum loops and have them change from verse/chorus etc… I also sing and play the guitar at the same as controlling this, i was wondering if its possible to program the beatbuddy footswitch to do the job of the main pedal in advancing from sections within a song, with just one tap. The act of pressing and holding the main pedal while singing is quite difficult and if i could do it easier with the foot switch that would be great. However, i do not see this function on the list of possibilities for the footswitch…

Hopefully someone can tell me if this possible
all the best


I think Singular Sound has been asked to make this functionality available but so far I don’t believe they’ve answered.

I have the same request I use my BB for home recording (Tascam DP 32 SD) I would find it more convenient to control the changes with the footswitch and to have the main pedal on my desk. Has any one else found BB to be an excellent recording tool?

The upcoming version of the firmware will have an option to set one of the footswitch buttons to function like the main pedal. We are releasing it very soon. :slight_smile:

Has the firmware to solve this been released yet?
thank you! i love my pedal but need it at hand level to see but control with foot.

Try firmware version 2.0.4 and check out the foot switch settings on the pedal.