Project Export to SD card after downloading new songs from Forum

Have downloaded some songs from the Forum (old and new forum) and get this error message when go to export to SD card
Unable to Delete/Volumes/BEATBUDDY/BeatBuddy Project Backup.bbp.
What would you like to do?

so anyone, what is happening here please?

Not quite sure but it would seem to indicate that your SD card could be locked. Try sliding the shutter on the side of the card to opposite of where it says Locked.

If you’ve already exported a project to your SD card and accepted the prompt to sync, you shouldn’t have to export again—you just have to sync.

That was the problem. Thanks. On another note. Many of these new songs have new default Drum Sets Do you know how to get those DS into the master Drumset list?


Probably best to follow the steps below along with the User Guide BeatBuddy user guides 1.5 - BeatBuddy Manager and MIDI settings

  • Search the forum for the drum set that the song was made with
  • Download
  • Unzip if needed
  • Use the BBM to import the kit
  • Activate the kit
  • Use the drop down Default Drum Set for the song and select it