Project Not Exporting to SD Properly and Manager is Freezing Up

I just got the pedal and the manager. I have been working on learning how to create folders set-lists, edit songs etc. So following all of the tutorials/manual/how-to videos, I have not had success seeing my folder on the pedal. So trying it again thinking I have learned what I did wrong, I have gotten to the step to synchronize to save my work, and the manager tells me that I should export the project. When I go to do that, I choose the card, and then it says that the project needs to be at the top of the card select no etc…So not knowing how to do this, because I can’t find details on this part I create a folder and it begins. this exported the first few times, but the folder was not on my SD card when I put it in the pedal. So trying again, now each time the BB Manager freezes up.

Choose ‘no’ when that error message shows up. It is a bug in version 1.50 - the new version doesn’t have this. If you want, PM me and I will give it to you.

Thank you. I don’t know how to PM. I just got the version 1.6 and when I go to export the project it says that it cannot create the folder drumsets. I am using a Mac.

Hi Callan. PM means private message (same as Conversation) and you start or read one by clicking on the envelop icon in the upper right of this page. Check your forum Inbox for a PM I just sent you.