Prompt to Save after clicking Home doesn't go Home

If you have modified the song and then click home you are prompted to save.

If you save, you do not go to the home screen.

This is not the most important issue.

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We are aware of this one, we are thinking to make it so that it doesn’t ask you to save as you leave the Loop Studio.

That’s not a great outcome unless you also prevent data loss every place the is possible … now and in the future (easier said than done). Ideally this is guaranteed by a cross cutting concern or some contract. Short of this guarantee, disabling the prompt sounds like a user setting.

Might be easier to save the target location in the call to the prompt and/or save … or create some notion of a view stack.

May be better to leave this bug in place until you can address it properly.

I noticed this tonight. It is a very strange interaction. First off, it’s strange that turning click on/off and setting countoff has anything to do with saving your song first. I would expect to be able to toggle these in as convenient place as possible, like from where the song is stopped.

Since I will be constantly toggling this on and off, they do not seem like global settings to me, but rather playing modes. When I am recording in Pro Tools I am always adjusting the behavior of the metronome depending on the part I am recording and setting countoff. But the controls to do this are near the play controls, not in any config or settings dialogs.

Is there a feature request for this? I’m happy to create one. This struck me as very odd that I had to save my project to turn the click on or off, and then it didn’t actually let me go the settings until a second attempt to hit the home button after saving, which was even more strange.

Also, I would want to be able set a count off before recording at any point as well, even after the first track is down. And in fact, in my early experiments I couldn’t get the countdown to happen at all, but I need to investigate more to see what I did, because I actually set it to do a countdown after I laid my first track down, but then I erased the first track so I was starting from scratch again, but there was no countdown regardless. So that seems like it might be a bug.

But regardless I’d want to toggle countoff on/off despite whether or not there exists any tracks. And at the very least, if i erase the tracks I’d want to hear it for sure in its current feature set.

It dawned on me what is bothering me about this interaction. The pedal is treating the looper as if it is modal operation in a device that is built for looping, which is very strange to me.

Take the Digitech Jamman XT, for example, it has save, it has SD cards, it had onboard memory, and it has presets both on SD cards and memory. I think this is an excellent case study for SS to emulate.

For one, there is no barrier to changing global settings - you do it whenever, you don’t need save first. That just makes no sense and is confusing and disruptive to what the user might have wanted (save to turn on the metronome?..)

Prompting to save the song in order to see the list of songs - this is also strange. I mean, I hit two save prompts tonight before I even knew what I was navigating to while first learning the pedal. This is what in UX I would call punishing the user, or forcing them to perform operations that cannot be undone and are unrelated to their goal.

In my mind, the looper should be always present and maintain state regardless of where you navigate. In fact, why not boot up to the looper, and let the global settings be an offshot (where the home button is)? The home screen is puzzling and almost de-emphasizes the pedal’s main purpose. How often do I need to connect to wifi? You’re giving equal importance to these things like they were different apps. It’s a looper. Just let me start looping!

IMO, the prompt to save should happen only when it is a gate to something else being achieved - i.e, I made some loops, I navigate to the song list, I choose a song to load - This would erase my song, so then boom, prompt me to save. But not before. There is no reason.

And the prompt to save could be something helpful like, "Loading Song 2 will erase unsaved recordings to Song 1. Do you want to - [Save Song 1 before loading Song 2?] [Discard changes to Song 1] [Cancel and return to Song 1]***

***That last one - cancel is currently missing and that causes anxiety, because now you have to choose - save or not, but can’t back out - punishing the user. What if I just want to be reminded what a song is called and have no intention of loading it? Then you’ve asked me to save for the wrong reason. Once you know my intention is to load a new song - that’s where the prompt belongs.

Happy to expand on any of this - 30 years in development and UX, it’s hard to turn off. I only share because it’s something that really stuck out to me and I am so impressed with the looping experience, it’s a shame for the state management to come off kind of crooked.

Lastly, I’ll come back to the recommendation of checking out the Digitech Jamman XT - they do it really well. So well, in fact, that performers have used their state management as a way to enhance their performances - to add layers to a saved song during a performance and then revert back to the saved state as part of their performance, thus stripping the song back again, which is an awesome feature. So awesome, that performers tape adhoc buttons on the pedal to allow them to hit save while performing by the foot. Kind of creating bookmarks of time. Check this out.

Anyway, thanks for listening! Happy to expand on any of this. I’m enjoying the pedal but wanted to share this before it got biased by using it more and more.