Prospective User

When I found your product, BeatBuddy, I was intrigued, I thought it could be something awesome to add to my solo gig performances (I’m currently using a drum machine). So, I did some due diligence by reviewing the product on the web and reviewing some of the tutorials on the web. But I still had some questions so I went to the product web site and looked for a technical support phone number. What? No phone number? Now this is a very interesting business model, perhaps even a wave of the future approach to doing business? The approach seems to have the customers wade through gobs of video and forum information hoping that answers to your question(s) may be hidden in the content? Or, to broadcast an email question and wait/hope that the answer will be forthcoming? While looking through the forum, it appears the BeatBuddy may be compatible with those early adopters with extreme patience in developing the total product, program manager and the BeatBuddy unit itself, and, without technical telephone support, I think I will have to wait until the product is further developed or telephone support (a real person) is added. The BeatBuddy seems like a great product, and I almost pulled the trigger on the purchase, but I can’t feel like I’m left talking to my computer when I need initial help on purchase or to get things up and running as you guys intended.

Well, if you still have any questions, I’ll be glad to help you.

I was lucky that my Alesis drum machine died and I went ahead with BeatBuddy.

Great! Phone number, please…

Looks like your only question was where’s the phone number, which you already knew the answer to.

As I put in the thread below, Singular Sound is a small team and does not have a technical support number as such. Personally I hate calling support numbers, you often pay the earth, the support is first line usually in another Country where English is not the first language and you need to get through them to get to the experts. Email is cheaper and usually easier. Just to add, the BeatBuddy may not be for everyone, it is important to do your research, people assume it can do certain things and then complain when it can’t. Many of the features that have been requested I am sure will be implemented in the future - but it will take time.

Anyway contact details in this thread below.

No worries, I will continue to watch this product because it looks pretty cool. We have different life experience with technical support as I have had great experiences with other music equipment vendors. I understand you have limited resources and that you get to choose where to focus the talent. Having expressed my opinion I will not beat the horse.