Pseudo code for BB

Can you guys provide a flow chart or pseudo code for how the beat buddy reacts while it’s playing a song? I posted earlier a pseudo code for “what happens when this loop has played”.

I think my issues with using this thing live might be resolved if i knew how it was making decisions. For instance, when I’m playing certain songs, I hit a fill, which is supposed to be a chorus, and it starts 2 measures into it. If i knew how it calculated where to go, I know I could trick it into doing what i want. My recent forays into learning how to trigger wavs to make backing tracks ala Regulate make me thing I can hack the song time signature to force it to finish this loop/start the next loop at the beginning, etc. I think this is due to the Queue Period. Can i set a time signature of 64/4? How about for a 32 bar midi loop (of 4/4) set it to 128/4? If I knew the definitive decision making process, I know I can figure a way around the bad behavior I’m seeing.

Or let me see the source code and become a contributor :slight_smile: I’m emotionally invested so I’d work cheap/FREE, just to get the features I want! I’m a kickass programmer (30 years), and excellent with java (15 years).

Ooh… That’s just like wanting too much! I really wish I knew this by myself :slight_smile:

Mostly this knowledge comes through trial and error. I once wanted to cover beats for one great song I really like, but it has | 4/4 | 4/4 | 4/4 | 5/8 | main part. I tried to make a one bar of | 29 / 8 |. It worked, but then I quickly realized that fills and transitions queuing fails miserably rendering all the attempt as a pure garbage. I haven’t really tried to cover anything hard since that time. But I am really holding my breath until the time I can burst into the firmware and purge it by fire!! …so it finally supports broken rhythms naturally without any hacks or workarounds involved.

@aashideacon we’re always thrilled to have passionate volunteer programmers on board :slight_smile: please PM me your email address.

I sent you a “conversation” but I’m not sure anyone looks at those.