Pump House Prelude

A Fender Strat, a Rickenbacker bass and drums (BeatBuddy). Twangy tremolo and wondrous wah for your listening pleasure. FYI, this is definitely not “house” music. Pump House was the name of the preset I used on the Zoom B3 bass effects pedal.

The BeatBuddy was set for the Pop 12- 8ths at 100 BPM. The drum kit was changed from standard to rock. I didn’t include any clips of the BeatBuddy in the video this time. Instead, I opted to show my trusty Fender Mustang III amp for a change. Just some cutaway clips to mix in with the recording videos to make it interesting.

The last couple of songs I wrote were written backwards from how I normally write them. I started with a BeatBuddy beat and then came up with the bass track. The guitar part was written last.

Love this! That Ricky sounds amazing! Thanks for posting.