Purchase individual Beats from premium library option

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Any word on the Midi Maestro? I think I ordered it over a year ago!!

Units shipped out of china at the end of last week. :slight_smile:

We wanted to update the post:

Anthony Sostre and David and the boys did a GREAT job picking the right price-point for continuing our subscription to the Premium Content!


The material in the PC is a great starting point with some obvious (and totally odd) caveats: For example:
Question for Goran:
I get Brown Eyed Girl fades on the record, so no outro on the recording.
But the Beat Buddy has little to no chance of being used in a studio setting (not with tools like TT out there anyway).
The BB will obviously be used “live” (“live” playing, not necessarily in front of an audience, although we DO use it live-in-front-of-an-audience almost every weekend!)
so WHY WY WHY no outro?!?
Seems ridiculous and there have been many-MANY chances to update that material since it was introduced.
Whew! Off the soapbox now!

So thank you all at Singular for pricing it right:
Much higher and it wouldn’t be worth it with issues like the one-of-many examples spelled out above.

The small price to pay to stay subscribed has rendered the single-song-purchase issue moot for us!

Pete & Sheri Paznokas

The Deaf Bunnys Band
“Rock Hits from the Fifties to Today!”
267.333.6048 Pete’s cell
267.333.9214 Sheri’s cell

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Hey guys,
I have the single song sales on my agenda and will be working on implementing it soon. As you can imagine, there is a ton of work involved to get it all exported, packaged, demos, uploads… and set up to work flawlessly.
Hopefully next month we’ll have some news on that. I’ll give it my best.

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Hey folks,
I know it took longer than expected. Anyhow, we have delivered on the promise of single song sales. You asked for them and here they are at last:



One consistent behavior from SS: features or products are sometimes very slow to be released, but they always deliver in the end!

Let me take the opportunity to ask for something about the premium library songs: it would be very nice to have also an extra simple version for each song. By simple I mean very few parts (e.g. Verse, Chorus, Bridge). Songs with dozens of parts are great for record-perfect studio practice but are too difficult to use live, and therefore need to be cut down with the BBM.

On the same idea, having the ability to label the parts (e.g. “Verse” instead of “Part 1”) either on the BB screen or the MM screen would be very convenient in my opinion.


whoop whoop! Way to go ! So nice to have this now. Looking forward to more great grooves!

We probably won’t be making 2 versions of each cover song, but the autopilot feature is coming. It will also include customizable song part names within bb manager. Eventually those will also be displayed on bb.
Cover song beats are for users that want to play them in their original forms. Generic style beats are for users who prefer simpler approach.
We’ll have some exciting announcements soon.