Purchase individual Beats from premium library option

Just like purchasing songs from amazon, iTunes. etc… it would be GREAT if we could purchase individual songs from the premium content library to create our own “bundle.” Maybe include the drum set that goes with it as an option also?

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This has been mentioned before:

I’d still be up for it if we had to buy packs of 10 but be allowed to choose the 10.


I’ve often wondered why SS doesn’t provide what customers are asking for. With the automation that exists for web sales, I believe that they can program their system so customers can buy individual songs or to mix and match packages of up to 10 different songs. Who knows. Maybe it could be that the technology they’re using limits those capabilities.


Look at the way Celestian sells IRs of their speakers. Like that. Charge premium for smaller numbers of songs, better discounts for bulk/bundles.

Also, I’d like to see a 30-second sound sample, like most of the MIDI vendors do.

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That was suggested in Feb of 2017? I think it’s time to ask again. Makes so much sense from a BB end user point of view. Any way to get the ear of SS people?

Well, @JerryAshton, you could drop some names in your post – like maybe @AnthonySostre or even @DavidPackouz. That could work.


Totally agree with the individual song options with the opportunity to hear the beats too.

It does say that the new BBM is a prerequisite and I believe they’re on the cusp of releasing that

Hey guys,
the BB Manager that was in the works and was going to incorporate the Library with individual song sales had to be scraped a while back unfortunately. Engineers are working on the autopilot feature as well as various bug fixes for the current BB Manager.
I am currently updating all default content, which is a massive undertaking. Once that is completed, the autopilot should hopefully be ready for prime time at which point we’ll be programming all premium content to work with it.
Once we accomplish that, we’ll look into individual song sales. Realistically, it won’t happen until the last quarter of this year at the earliest.
I hope that helps.


@GoranGrooves that helps with information sharing but not what we are asking for. Especially since what we are asking for (individual songs) is already done, just not available as individual song purchases. A “create your own bundle” option is a great idea too!

You said back in Feb of 2017 “Single song sales is something that I plan to push through. We’re not there yet, as brand new BB Manager is in the works, which will integrate with the Library. Once that is operational, we’ll look into doing single song sales as well.

That didn’t pan out… so … C’mon guys… this was asked for back in 2017 and here we are 2 years later and it’s still not available.

Goran said most of what I had to say here already. But I thought I’d chime in. Right now I’m planning to have work begin on individual song sales sometime in September. Currently all of our development resources are being put towards the BeatBuddy Manager and new products, which leaves little opportunity to create the individual song sales functionality.

Hopefully new premium content won’t render our old content unusable? I just forked out a fair bit today for some and it’s even worse when I have to buy it in USD and convert from AUD which is in a bit of slump atm…

It won’t.

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From what the folks at SS say there actually doesn’t look like there’s any plans to sell songs individually:
That functionality is NOT dependent on the BBM: It would just be a SNG-file akin to buying a song versus an album on poo-tunes: IE: nothing to do with the software RUNNING it.
Our local user-group uses SNGs to swap files all the time: Think BB user-forum without losing all your hard work in an upgrade. We personally have programmed some songs at a customer/student’s request but it’s not a business model that works for most weekend warriors: We charged a ridiculously small amount for the time it took but the folks we did it for were auditioning for bigger shows like festivals and/or we’re making recording-contract demos so we wrote off the uncharged time to goodwill and advertising. They got a deal but it sucked for us…
Having said all that, it’s a great idea for most weekend warriors and would serve as an indicator to SS/GG what they should be offering. The pricing model is already in place: $6-7 (looks like moving up to $10 if the Queen release is any indication) for 10-15 songs, $199 for them all (Complete Collection).
Would be easy to offer a mix-and-match with graduated bulk discount rates: This kind of functionality is available as a store-app from a couple of providers. (Internet marketing is my day job…)

But if you’re gigging sink the fees back in and improve your show! We are very vocal about the poor condition of the standard and Premium beats and samples that come straight from SS/GG (the now-famous “dead zone” in some fills and the trashcan-lid like sound of most of the cymbals) but they provide a GREAT starting place to add nuance and variety to your performance! They don’t require much if any adjustment to get a good working idea/sketch going on the fly! We’re not sure we’ll renew the subscription for 2020 but it’s served us well this year. There isn’t enough new content to warrant $199 so unless it is quite steeply discounted we’ll retask those dollars to other midi providers.

Super late update to this thread I suppose, but here it goes:

We do have plans to sell songs individually. It’s something I want to try to do before the end of the year, but give us until end of Q1 next year just in case.

Renewing your subscription for 2020, won’t cost you the full $199, it will be steeply discounted for 2019 collection owners, but not sure on the final numbers yet. More on that should come out soon (next month or so).

Have you tried content 2.0? That update to the standard and premium content contains greatly reworked tracks which should be more musical and especially more simple/better mixed fills.

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Sounds good. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Looking back at original requests some “features” of this individual song purchase idea included:
1 - customer created bundles of individual song beats
2 - option to hear a portion of the beats with recommended drum sets VS original BB drum sets.
3 - option to purchase recommended drum sets with song ( I guess that could be a part of the customer created bundle?)

Thanks again for bringing this together!

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Release nothing more until the MIDI Maestro appears in the wild.

– Grumpy Old Man (a.k.a, JoeInOttawa)


End of the month is the expected ship date, so hold tight. The work on individual beats is scheduled to wait until existing products are out the door and documentation is complete for them as well anyhow. So you wishing of waiting till the maestro appears will come true. :slight_smile:

Okay. Now get off my lawn.

– Grumpy Old Man (a.k.a, JoeInOttawa)

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