purchased songs havent arrived to my email

my purchased song package in this case “Coldplay’” has not arrived in my email box.I got reciept for payment from paypal however download didnt arrive its usually pretty much straight away.what do I do?

@BeatBuddy Support
Contact support@singularsound.com

Log in to your library account and you can see all available downloads (purchases) under MY ACCOUNT > DOWNLOADS. If they do not show up, please email: library@singularsound.com

i must be stupid ,or its late at night here down under but I cant find that anywhere.I also cant find a way to contact through email

Must be late down under. :confused:

You can’t log into your account here?https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/my-account/

@BeatBuddy Support: the Contact button of Home / Contact is grayed out.

thanx for your support got there in end thanx for the link ,found it in downloads and have it now.It usually comes to my email and I download from there.I’ll know what to do next time.Cheers

Glad you sorted it out.