Put forum posted songs on new Beatbuddies

Load up all the user generated SNG files and put them on the new Beatbuddies being sold. Out of the box new BB owners will have many titled songs to try and can more likely enjoy the use of Beatbuddy before they have to learn to download, import, export, midi edit.

Hi, fantastic idea. But, if the member generated songs were named with the title of the actual song for example Copperhead Rd as most of them are it’s OK for private use, but would most likely be a copyright infringement as Singular Sound is a commercial entity. To get around it SS would have to rename songs with no reference to the song it is based on, just like the original BB song files are named. This creates the problem of knowing which song goes with that file
I am waiting patiently for software to be non beta and when that happens I will be able to take advantage of the tremendous resource that BB members have created, A big thanks to all BBuddies that have been so generous with their skill and time.
Just keeps getting better

Yeah, that’s a great idea.
At least user-generated song should be packed in convenient packages that could be available as an external download. BBManager should also support easy importing a such whole pack in a single click.

I’d suggest folders of User Rock, User Blues, User Country, etc. You want them to have the name of the real song. When you go into User Rock you will likely find several songs you know, and many you’d like to know.

You can package all the user beats in Beat/Country into a folder, and that would allow all in one import folder.

But I’d really like to see the user song content in a new BB where out of the box you have something you can go with. A year from now this will be a significant number of titled songs.

I’d bet your beat makers would dry up faster than the aquifers in California,
unless they were compensated for their input, or not tagged with making ‘that’ .sng …IMHO.

This is correct. We could include the user generated songs in future runs of the BeatBuddy (and/or update the SD Card Backup content periodically), but we really would need to remove the names of the songs, because of copyright issues. We would have to leave all these songs on the users’ side as their own contributions if we want the titles of them to stay. Maybe we could find a way though to organize it all in one place on the forum, instead of a bunch of separate posts? What do you all think of that idea? Would that be helpful?

Organizing would definitely help. Then an easier path for out of the box new users to get songs they know by title on their new pedal. You can import 99 Rock.SNGs in a folder at once of someone collects the user generated songs and builds a folder (User Rock) and could load it up to the forum.

I’d like to see a library for loop packages vs. songs that similar to lists in ultimate-guitar with even a basic web based preview player so that they are easier to sort through and audition before taking time to load it in BB. Not all posted sng files are ready for prime time so if posted they should include zips of midis until BBM can parse them out.

^^^ This! While its great that user’s are creating content for the masses, there needs to be some sort of moderation as user created content tends to be all over the place in terms of quality, consistency, and overall polish.

True. But this is to create more “fun” out of the box. For future success for BeatBuddy. So, before I become an import/export MIDI editor expert, if I can get BB out of the box and find and play along with a Yellow Submarine beat, they I’d be happy. In time I would learn enough to know if that Yellow Submarine beat was quality and I’d know what to do about it. Right now there seems to be a lot to learn before I can get Yellow Submarine on my BB pedal Then there are some that start at an expert level. Not much need to help them. Just give them more BB features.

Isn’t that what the ‘Beat’ section already does, allowing us to pick & choose ?
The addition of the midi files by contributors IS being done,
the forum is very helpful with each others contributions …
…providing links to it ( the beats forum page) with new BB’s …much like the business card by GGrooves
would invite all newcomers to the forum & help it grow. My 2 bits :wink:

Joe Terrasi already started that organization at: http://www.beatbuddytools.com/custom-beats/. All the links just point back to the forums which is probably a good place for the .sng files to live.

I am helphing him out with the songs section at: http://www.beatbuddytools.com/songs/. but unfortunately there are not many beats represented in the beats section yet because not many have volunteered to help out with this project. Put up your hand and help out if you think this is a worthwhile thing to have.

On your point Namedeplume, I think that page is a valuable asset.
I was just checking some of those tunes last night to make some sng’s out of a few,
That’s what I got …only a few, …some are so far away from the posted songs reality …
Harvest moon (polka), Black Magic Woman (latin cuban) come to mind.
A cull might be in order, or a need for some opinions & feedback from others.

…(not many beats represented in the beats section) …
totally agree…busy intros… fills that take over songs,
I search for alternatives on all BB in & outs, …
( Charlie Watts k.i.s.s. factor )

Moving fwd,…I would like to be able to delete comments in my posting… (what songs are you playing &…) ,
& just keep song titles & settings without the cross talk confusion, which during the process may have had value, not now!
Five pages of redundant chatter probably drove those members to make these lists !