Put out the bass from beats with bass

I’m not interested in beats with bass. I know to make them it’s lot of work and thanks for everybody, who working on this. But in my opinion, this changes lovely BB to simple backing track machine. I can play backing tracks, if I want, from another source. For me better to keep incredible possibility of BB in live situations. Stress again this is my way of using and have no problem with another approach.
Anyway, some beats with bass, for example, Stranglehold, are very nice and interesting and I can use it nicely without bass. But it’s to large, and I don’t need no any bass in it, want to use just nice drum track. My question: how can I put out bass lines from this with Manager to reduce size? Please, if you can, write me this process point from point, because I’m not a great master of editing beats yet. Thanks.

I know that is just your opinion but I think the power in BB is because it gives you all options. I have some songs in my set where I use the pedal in the traditional way- drums only. I have some where they are OP. And I have many that have a combination of OP and parts I can loop and solo to take the song wherever I want. I think the trick is finding an easy to use DAW that easily lets you manipulate the midi files. For example removing bass notes from a OP midi file is a breeze with the right software. I do not think there is an easier way at this point to manipulate files. I am the one who posted stranglehold and can send you the non-bass midi file if you like. Just let me know.

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I’m relatively new user and working on learning whole power of BB. I play with looper also, and experiment with different situations, live show, recording etc. Maybe later will recognize potentials of bass tracks, but in this moment I need just drums, besides that I respect the hard work of others. So, thanks a lot for your answer, particularly your idea about request beats without bass from maker directly. I would be very grateful if you send me Stanglehold without bass. Thanks again. Best regards.

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Here you go. It is a midi so all you have to do is create a new song in manager and set the tempo and import this one file. BTW- how do you play strangle hold without a bass? Seems like it would get old fast for how long that song is- how would you solo without backup? Do you play with a standup bass player? If so I get it.

Thank you!

rip the bass out of any song using Charles Spencer’s beat builder 2. ? in this forum .
Learned this the hard way …lol

I’m just experimenting. My plan in some cases to play with a bassplayer, or to play up bass with the looper. It depends from the song.
Stranglehold has a straight, constant riff, it can be played with backup bass. Hmm… We’ll see. Don’t know why, but it’s a great fun to play with BB, but with complete backing track it’s too boring for me. I don’t get any inspiration and energy from backing. Tired of them. But playing with BB in a right groove, it’s so great!
Anyway, thanks guys for help.Seems the best way for me, to build my own grooves from existing.

you have at least bent your learning curve a bit farther …lol


The bass notes don’t take up much space… if you want to play without the bass, just select a kit that doesn’t have bass, like the regular rock kit. That way, if you ever WANT bass, just go back to Rock with Bass, or whatever other kit!