Q about BeatBuddy's tempos...before I buy

OK, I’m pretty convinced that the BeatBuddy is pretty cool. I might be missing something, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything saying that you can change the tempo of a given beat. Suppose I dial up one of the blues shuffle beats, and it comes up by default at whatever tempo. Can I then slow it down a bit or speed it up a bit, if I want?
Thanks…this is my first post, and I joined this forum specifically to ask this question.

Yes, definitely. BeatBuddy has a knob to twist the BPM tempo to your liking.
Every song has a default preset BPM, like, for example, most of the Metal songs have BPM set to 86.
However, you can set the BPM to any value from 40 to 300 BPM any time while playing either via twisting Tempo knob, or using Tap Tempo feature either on the pedal itself or on the external footswitch (sold separately).

Whoa, YEAH BAYBEE!!! OK, that does it…I’m gonna git me one of them things. I’m a bassist and since I’m no Jaco, I depend on a drummer to push me along.

I just bought a BeatBuddy plus the foot pedal a couple days ago. I want it in my practice room NOW! Can’t wait…