Q for experienced users re footswitch options..

I want to ask all the experienced used who have the extra footswitch what have you found to be the most useful setup for this? I see there are options on what to use it for, but I thought guys who have used it “real-world” could pass on some advice :slight_smile:


You can’t really make the most of the BB without it. I use it to move through my song list, to pause the pedal and sometimes to trigger an outro or stop the pedal altogether.

thanks - yeah I already have it, just wondering what the best “real-world” settings are for it? You know the ones that get used WAY more than anything else…I see via the MIDI data that under FW 1.7 I can send a fair bit of “setup data” when selecting from an external source :slight_smile:

So I guess start/stop might be the best, or pause or fill to part 2??

I posted my settings earlier:


I’m using firmware 1.7.5. Some of my settings aren’t available in earlier versions.

Cool - yes I think I have that one too (actually I think mine is 1.77) so thanks for the link, much appreciated :slight_smile:

The Norbert hack? Is that creating a longer cable? And from that link are you using an extra extension pedal as well as the BB double pedal?

I added a 1/4 mono jack to the body of the main pedal. The jack is wired in parallel with the existing foot switch on the main pedal. I got a sustain pedal with a 6 ft cord and got a longer TRS cable so I could put the sustain pedal on the floor next to the BB add-on foot switches while putting the BB up on a chair or stool. Having the pedal up higher gets me access to the knobs and display so I don’t have to bend over while holding my bass guitar. Having the foot switches on longer cords lets me keep those on the floor so I can operate them with my feet while I’m playing.

I don’t tweak the pedal knobs while playing - that’s too much - so I mostly do the tweaking during practice or while I’m finalizing song arrangements.

Cool, thanks Rob :slight_smile:

I use the main pedal to start, stop, outro, fill, and transition. While playing, external switch 1 is tap tempo and switch 2 is pause. While stopped, switch 1 and 2 scroll through songs.

Which settings did you change to do this and how is this done when you’re playing? What I see is:

Press while stopped - start the song
Press momentarily - Fill
Press hold - Transition
Double press - outro
Triple press - stop

Does that sound right? Maybe we have our pedals set up the same way.

cheers scudd - I have got the MIDI cable coming so if I cannot get external MIDI control set as I want to , then I think that setup is going to be the most generic for all styles and situations…although I do like Robs setup tips I’m not so sure on the mod at this time (I was a tech so no dramas with the job) as I think I should at least wait until warranty has expired - just in case hahaha!

I’ve adopted the following in weekly gig use:
1st Switch stopped - nothing
1st Switch playing - pause/unpause
2nd Switch stopped - song advance
2nd Switch playing - outro

I avoid triple taps and other artful maneuvers (stop is done by hitting Button 2 when paused) and since I employ a volume pedal (stereo) when its fully shutdown I can unpause/stop at will. I do hit the start on songs where we don’t use an intro to give the band a few seconds of ‘tempo’ reference then hit pause. Some songs (like Night Moves) the drums cue in later and this works. I’m not comfortable using the start on release function (or start on ‘press’ alternative) from the main button (timing is difficult) and since we are not playing concerts no one minds the drum ‘cuing’. I don’t touch buttons during gigs - setlists are made up and tempos, etc all built in via the Manager and downloaded to the SD card. Since I play guitar, bass, flute, sing and keep Buddy in line I’ve got enough to do.

Thanks Cygnus

Brilliant! I am going to try this. I have my pedal custom-mounted in a pedal board and control it while sitting playing guitar, but I also play piano on some songs and it is a pain to try and manipulate the pedal from the piano. This way I can have 2 ways of turning on and off the pedal, one being an extended sustain pedal by the piano. Rob - I assume you meant a piano-type sustain pedal when you said “sustain” pedal - correct? Where on the pedal did you find a good spot to install the 1/4" jack so that it doesn’t interfere with the internals of the pedal?

Gary, see this thread :slight_smile: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/norberts-beatbuddy-hardware-hack.2109/

Yes, that’s the thread that inspired me although I did find a different location for the jack. Also, see the post that corrects the wiring, it’s down a couple of posts from the first one.

I have my set up as:
1st Switch stopped - song back
2nd Switch stopped - song advance

1st Switch playing - pause/unpause
2nd Switch playing - outro (or the opposite of these two)

Situation: In a song, I have set my BB pedal to:
1/5: Intro
2/5: Verse1
3/5: Chorus
4/5: Verse2
5/5: Outro
Question: 3/5 Chorus is supposedly be sang one time only and then move to Verse 2, but the vocalist sang it twice but I had already moved to 4/5 Verse 2. How do I go back to 3/5 Chorus again while BB is already playing?

maybe you could set the chorus as a fill instead. if the chorus ends and he sings it again, just trigger it again.

Wow. Makes sense. Thanks so much aash.