Quantiloop connections?

How do you get audio in and out of Quantiloop? If I want to feed my guitar or Beatbuddy into Quantiloop and take one or more channels of the looping out to feed a hamonizer is this possible? How does the audio come out to go to the PA?

Is it possible to break out the outputs to go to separate channels of a mixer?

Sorry pretty basic questions…I understand how the wireless MIDI pedal would work…audio I am not so sure.

Any info on what people are doing is appreciated…

You need an Audio/Midi interface, or at least an Audio interface.
If you ever want to also do midi, use this

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Once you have an audio interface for your iPad (the iRigProDuo for example) that takes care of 2 audio channels in and 2 out of your iPad. You can do a lot of mixing and routing on the iPad using various apps and your not limited to 2 channels within these. For example Audiobus and AUM are two very good apps for routing audio on the iPad. Quantiloop has it’s own audio routing function as well: it is compatible with Audiobus and AUM and can take the audio from up to 4 channels as input and I think allows for 8 output channels (the 4 loops and additional routing of the original inputs or the metronome etc. - not too sure of all the details). So if, for example, if you had audio from SampleTank generated by a midi piano (linked to the iPad via bluetooth say) you could route that into one of the inputs on quantiloop, record a loop with it, and route the output of that loop to an output channel from quantiloop. At the same time you could route the BB output as an input to quantiloop on another channel and send it straight out to an output channel.

Whatever combo you organise internally, you will typically send the whole lot to the two output channels on the audio interface (iRig Pro Duo) and then to speakers or a mixer etc.

Sorry Guys for the late reply.

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  3. Re: input output. Quantiloop can route each track to a separate channel on a mixer if you so desire. Al the Beatbuddy audio can be passed through the iPad or QL if you would like to process it further, I recommend the BB to got to your mixer directly. The interfacing between QL (especially in 2.6) and the Beatbuddy uses only the MIDI interface

Hey everyone I just purchased my IPad and haven’t even started to hook everything up but after discussing with Focusrite I will try to hook up everything using the Scarlet by Focusrite instead of spending $250 Canadian on the irig duo pro. Shoot me some tips and I will share my results if anyone is interested.

Welcome, Ticksean. Don’t know if there are many Scarlett users here on the forum. If you’re looking for tips, it would be much more helpful if you would narrow the scope of your question and focus on how you intend to use the BeatBuddy with the Scarlett. Do you also plan to use it with a desktop and if so, is it a Mac or a Windows platform and which version of the OS? Recording in a studio or live? Since this is posted to a Quantiloop thread, are you also intending to use the looper? Do you have the BB MIDI adaptor cable?

Hi Persist, my iPad was just updated to latest iOS. I have a MacBook Pro but I will be using Quantiloop on the iPad with the BB. I do have the BB MIDI adapter. I want to use all this great technology for live music performances. The Scarlett I have doesn’t have midi in or out just 2 line/mic inputs.
As a complete amateur with Quantiloop and BB my “any tips” comment was not specific to a problem but a request for general tips, favourite threads, pictures of set ups, that sort of thing.

Thanks for expanding upon what you’re interested in.

These may or may not answer your questions, but they may be helpful. I reviewed these as needed when I first got my Quantiloop/Beatbuddy setup:



(There was mention of a dedicated Quantiloop forum (not necessarily here), but I do not believe it has been created as yet.)