Quantiloop Record Question?

I was curious. In Quantiloop could I record an entire 1 press bass song and then will the QL metronome synch with it.? If that could be done it would be great being able to start the stored song in QL with my Blueboard pedal and play over it in certain shows where I just want one drum machine song without having to have the Beat Buddy Hardware in tote. Any QL power users out there who can tell me. At first glance it looks like QL can synch up with a recorded song somehow.

I’ve never done it, but I’d imagine you could if you set the option to start on midi start.
However, even if you got this to work, I’d strongly advise against it - especially for a gig. If anything fails or goes out of sync, it will be an unrecoverable disaster. If you’re automating the entire drum and bass parts, then you may as well just play to a backing track - why over-complicate things?

Great point. I guess that should have been my question. What app on the IPAD allows for a backing track to be played but allows me to start and stop the backing track with a midi foot push?

Sorry haven’t been visiting the forum to much. But basically you should be able to trigger a backing track from Quantiloop as well. So if you already have QL and are using it anyways I’d suggest storing the backing track in QL.

So BB users what is the best way to record a one press bass song so I can export it and import it into quantiloop? I guess I would record it and export it as? Can Garage Band work?