Quantiloop Update

Quantiloop got a update with a lot of beatbuddy support. I tested it with a iRig Blueboard as a footcontroller for quantiloop-functions and a yamaha MD-BT01 as midi connection. The beatbuddy runs to the PA, not into quantiloop, Quantiloop is only controlling the beatbuddy.
Very comfortable song / drumkit search, presetting and storing. Example: In quantiloop you can scroll with arrows through beatbuddy-Folders, songs and drumkits. WYSIWYG - tapping on these arrows does a change on the beatbuddy(screen) on the fly. Not as cryptic like forscore or onsong.
Good working tempo and start/stop synchronisation. Sadly I didnt had a lot of time to test all combinations. Example Looping with count in: tapping on record starts the beatbuddy Intro-Fill, the track gets stand by, the record starts together with the main beat - great.
Thanks for this work full of loving details.

I’d love to here more or even better yet, see a video of the Beatbuddy and Quantiloop being linked. I haven’t had the time to experiment with the new options yet.

All the New features that have been added into Quantiloop are just awesome. I use the Quantiloop Looper at every show, and not even come close to using what it can do. I use mine with OnSong and BeatBuddy and they work flawless together. No bending down changing beats or Loops. All done through OnSong with MIDI commands. Great combination with the BeatBuddy.

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Can you give me an example how you are using QL within Onsong. Never thought about having Onsong send a midi command to the looper at a given time- if that is what you mean.

I also use OnSong to send programmed song choices to Beatbuddy and Quantiloop. I also use Onsong to change volume levels and tempo changes, by using screen hot spots. As far as Quantiloop goes, Onsong just selects the song.

I’m also curious to see how others are using Onsong with both Quantiloop and Beatbuddy. It may be a good separate thread.

On the next Quantiloop update, I’d love to be able to label each track (Chorus, Verse, Bridge etc.). I currently have about 85 songs loaded into Quantiloop and don’t always remember what I have programmed on each track.

Just so you know I use (2) Ipads, one with the Quantiloop on it, and the other with OnSong, for me I pre-record all my loops that I will be using for my show, it is connected together with an Irig Duo, then in OnSong i write in all the midi commands to control BeatBuddy, and the Quantiloop. When i switch songs in OnSong, both the BeatBuddy and Quantiloop go to that Beat and Loop i need. I connect from OnSong to BeatBuddy using a Puc+, but the Yamaha version, works great too and is cheaper, also needs no batteries. Makes the show much smoother and faster, never looping for a beat or a loop, and No bending down to switch songs on the BeatBuddy. it’s already programed in OnSong. I just program what song and loop I need, but you can do a whole lot more if need be, if you so desire and want to write the midi commands in.

Thanks for the example. It would be great if you can post a picture of your rig with 2 Ipads. Never thought about running a second IPAD just for QL but that makes sense to have a visual on it since mine goes to the background.

I am trying to do a similar setup. I have OnSong on 1 iPad and it is connected to my Yamaha bluetooth adapter, which is connected to my BeatBuddy in, and out to a Midi Solutions Quadra Thru, 1 output of this goes to my Roland GR-55 and 1 output goes to the Yamaha bluetooth adapter. OnSong start/stop and tempo and sync’d with BeatBuddy and OnSong selects the BeatBuddy song and sets the initial tempo. I have Quantiloop on a 2nd iPad. I use an iRig Blueboard to control it. I cannot figure out how to sync the second iPad with the BeatBuddy when it is connected to OnSong on the first iPad via the Yamaha adapter. I thought I might be able to use wifi midi? Do I need to use a camera kit and cable from the midi thru box? If I only use the 2nd iPad with Quantiloop (no OnSong) and connect it the Yamaha bluetooth I can get the BeatBuddy and Quantiloop to work together.

You have to use the iRig to connect the BeatBuddy to the second iPad, midi out from the BeatBuddy into the iRig midi in, then connect the iRig into the iPad. The different device must use separate midi channels