Quantisation by Quarter Notes

is there a Mode or way of recording on the Aeros like the following:

Having quantisation on, but not ruled by Whole Bars, but by Quarter-Notes?

To get specific, if I’d proceed like the following:
Start recording 4 beats of 4… , plus 4 of 4… , plus 4 of 4,… then only 2 of 4 (determining the record 2 quarter-notes earlier)…
… so I get a recording 3x 4/4, and 1x 2/4 long?

asking this because I desperately looking for Such a way composing since I remember, but haven’t found so far.

I guess, this way of composing will be called by Additive Rhythm


You can set the Time Signature to 1/4 so that a bar is actually 1 quarter note. Or, in the specific case that you describe, try setting it to 2/4.


Thanks first.
How, if I’d wanna use it with a Beatbuddy?


Are you asking how the Aeros and BB would work in this case? You could tell the BB to not send the time signature message in its MIDI settings. (Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Time signature)

This way the BB will not change or reset the Aeros time signature after you set it manually

Does this help? Let me know!