Quantize mode, small gap at the end of measure

I was using the quantized mode and noticed that there is a small silence for a fraction at the end of measure before new measure starts. maybe around 1/32 note at the end gets muted before new measure begins. I don’t think it is the issue with my timing because, I even used a whole note to do the looping and there is still a glitch at the end of measure. I was set to 64BPM at 4/4 Time signature.

This is not the case with freeform. In freeform, the transition is smooth.

I used to have a similar problem but mine was the start of a measure. I found out it was the previous midi segment doing it. When I looked at the midi in Edit in the BBM i could see a thin red line at the very end. I fixed it by adding a bar and then removing it and saved. It was like a little section of silence that killed whatever midi fell on the first beat of the next segment of midi.

I looked into the MIDI IN but I don’t understand what to look for. my guitar is plugged into Mono In and Mono Out to my AMP. Not using MIDI IN or OUT. My firmware is 5.1.1. Please help. I might just skip using the quantized mode because of the frustration.

The issue was not a issue with Aeros Loop Studio. The issue was I was using a bluetooth to connect to the Aux out to listen to the click track. There was latency on the click that I was hearing. I changed to a wired ear piece and the gap is not there anymore.