Question about Aeros Overdubbing in 6x6 mode

I own the Aeros, the BeatBuddy & The MIDI Maestro and let me first just say WOW! These three products will eventual outshine ALL other loopers! A lot of great product design has gone into these three products. I understand that we all want everything now but I do believe that Singular Sound has been working as hard as possible during these crazy Covid19 times and they seem to keep us well informed and are very responsive. Now that the iOS version of the MIDI Maestro app is available, we can even customize our own environment. I know that the app needs some improvements as well but things are really starting to come together.

Now on to my overdubbing question…

When creating a 2x2 song, I am able to overdub both tracks freely. I can add overdubs to either track. When creating a 6x6 song, I can only overdub the active track. As soon as I add a new track, I can not find a way to select a prior track and add an overdub. This coupled with the inability to delete an individual track seems very limiting. Any help or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. If this is truly a limitation, I’d like to request this feature.

Thanks again and keep up the awesome work. I’ve been through many loopers and still own a Boss RC-300 and RC-3 but they have not been turned on since I received the Aeros. We are SOOOO close to the perfect looper!


Bill Coplin

Hey there Bill, so glad you are digging the products!

Unfortunately, there is no way to physically allow the Aeros to independently control all 6 tracks at once, the selection method is a trade for not having to deal with a giant monster (like some of our competitors). The downside is outweighed by the fact that MIDI can be used to expand on the Aeros’s abilities.

We do not yet have an MIDI overdub command per track, but we are likely to incorporate that ability soon in an upcoming MIDI expansion release. Stay tuned there! For now, it is best to get used to the workflow of 6x6.

Thank you for your feedback!