question about download firmware 1.8

I am having trouble updating my firmware. got the zip file. but when I insert the BB card into computer it says I have to re format the card. I do not want to lose what I have because I must have a working card. will I lose all by re formatting the BB card? Any comments deeply appreciated. Thanks

When the SD card is in your pedal, the pedal still plays, right? If so, try connecting your pedal via USB cable to your computer.

Having a computer backup copy of the project on your SD card is a good idea. SD cards can fail or accidentally get written over. To save a copy to your computer, use the BBManager to open the project directly from the card. Do a ‘save as’ and direct the save to go to your computer hard drive.

I recommend doing all your project work on your computer, then doing a final save (or synchronization) to the SD card once you’re done editing. You can only save one project to your SD card but can save multiple projects on your computer. This arrangement allows you to create multiple projects by theme (e.g. for a specific band if you play in more than one, or a specific location like one for church and one for the bar). You can then save the relevant project to the SD card when your prepping for a gig.

Thanks, Persist

Thanks, Rob

Thanks! I got it done and running great! Thanks for the help. It was the USB interface that overcame the problem!

Thanks for following up with your positive outcome, Paul.