Question About My Gear Setup

Hello, I just received my BeatBuddy and am having trouble figuring out how to get things setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So here’s what I’m working with:

Guitar, Yamaha THR10X guitar amp, Ditto Looper, BeatBuddy, monitor speakers.

I understand that the Ditto Looper (not having midi-synch) isn’t an optimal looper pedal for the Beatbuddy, however I don’t have another $400+ to purchase a BoomerRang III or Infinity looper with midi-synch. With that said, I’ve seen videos where folks are first recording the drum tracks into the Ditto Looper, and then just layering loops over the newly recorded drum loop on the Ditto. While not the optimal approach, this method gets away from the synch problem.

The problem I’m running into is that I can’t run the Beatbuddy and looper together… when I run the Beatbuddy through the guitar amp, it sounds like crap. And if I run the looper through the monitor speakers, I can’t access my fx or distortion available on my guitar amp.

So my question is: what setup would allow me to use the Ditto Looper + the Beatbuddy together. Again, I understand that I won’t have midi-synch, but I’m just needing to record the drums on the looper first, and them loop over that.

Thank you kindly and excuse my ignorance when it comes to these setups.

You don’t have to run your guitar into the bb for any reason. Just run the output of the bb into your monitor speakers. Think of the BB as a standalone keyboard, or device. Run your guitar, looper, etc, to your guitar amp.

My guitar has stereo output. One is the standard mag pickups -> tuner -> mesa boogie vtwin pedal -> mixer ch 3. The other output is acoustic sounding piezo bridge saddles that runs piezo pickups -> acoustic sim -> beatbuddy pedal -> mixer ch 4. The acoustic sound likes the full range, and i still get my various mag guitar tones as well. If you ever have a keyboard, sampler, sequencer, or anything else that likes full range, you can run those through the bb.
btw, ch1 is my vocal channel, and ch2 is guest vocal.

Thinking about it now, I should probably run stereo out of my bb into my mixer!

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I realize I can simply hook the beatbuddy up to my monitor speakers and the guitar to the guitar amp separately, though your recommendation doesn’t allow me to record the drum into my looper. I’m trying to first record/loop my drum track…that way I can get around the sync issue that happens with looping in non-midi-sync. Thanks though.

Is there a way to run out of the headphone output of your amp into BB into looper into monitor amp?
Has your amp FX loop? Maybe BB into FX loop gives better sound…?
These are the things I would try, hope it helps, good luck!

Your setup suggestion worked! Thank you kind sir. I’m horrible at configuring all this stuff and really appreciate your advice.