[Question] About Routing Options and AUX In/Out

I’m giving some consideration to purchasing an Aeros (again) now that it has proper MIDI functionality. I have a questions about routing however - if the answer is yes then I will literally pull the trigger immediately!

In an ideal world I’d like to be able to record at two different points in my signal change at different times in a song.

Is it possible to have the Aeros in one instance of a song…

  • Recording from the MAIN input (and routing playback of that to the MAIN-output)

and then later, in another instance, during the same song (after issuing the appropriate MIDI commands) have the Aeros…

  • Recording from the AUX input (and routing playback of that to the AUX-output)

and all the while continously routing…

  • MAIN-in to MAIN-out
  • AUX-in to AUX-out

And if this isn’t currently possible, is it something that might be possible in the hardware and implemented in future?


The Aeros currently renders everything that is recorded down into a Stereo signal that is fed to both the Aux and Main out. Your live playback could be routed separately but once it is recorded it will be present in both sets of outputs.

To be brief, no, this does not work this way. We may be able to change this but that is something we will look into further down the line.

Thanks for your question

Appreciate the prompt reply @BrennanSingularSound. Thought that’d probably be the case.

One additional question as a result. If I were to buy TWO aeros is it possible to have them operate in sync, akin to the “Brother sync” mode of the Boomerang Rang III, i.e. one master and one slave?

Not right now but the Aeros will soon be able to be Master clock and at that point, yes, two Aeros would sync to one another. We are currently working on this internally so the news will be coming on this relatively soon.

Thanks for the question!

You might want to look into a Master Clock Pedal that can connect and sync both together. Those also usually come with the added benefit of sending MIDI Real-Time Start and Stop commands to both at the same time.

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