Question about song parts that I need clarifying


I have read quite a bit of info on the BeatBuddy but still have a few unanswered questions.

My question is how many different song parts can a song have that can be changed to on the fly - Not set in a particular predefined order that can just be played start to finish. The reason why I ask is most songs I do(and most musicians) have more than just a verse and chorus - usually have a bridge as well (maybe even another). I do church worship (modern type of stuff) and in church settings, songs do not always follow a predefined order. We may stay on a bridge part for an extended period of time, or repeat a chorus multiple times(with slight variation) , depending on the mood. This I would imagine will be a concern for anyone looking to use this in a church worship setting.

Also, I was originally trained as a drummer for over 30 years and have moved into guitar as well. Another common scenario in drumming is not all verses and choruses in a song have the same dynamics - This is what makes a drummer sound real - controlling the intensity of the song. For example the second chorus may be a little looser on the hihats than the first. Will there be any flexibility in this - It could be as little as being able to substitute one drum sound for another in the same beat (Such as a choked HiHat changing to a looser HiHat sound.

Will these parameters and variations be possible thorugh the software with the current hardware specs?



While I understand what exactly you want, current firmware and software version allow you to make somewhat similar result to what you want.

You can manually add as many song parts as you want. Simply modify MIDI patterns for a second chorus part and you’ll be good to go. The one narrow point is currently there is no way to control transitions. Transitions always go forward, then the last cycles to the first.


That’s what I was afraid of - I need to be able to control when I can go to 3rd song part and how many times it plays through that part until I move to another part - Can’t just have the order of the song play from start to finish.

I understand this can be a challenge with a single switch controlling so many different actions.

Hopefully in a future update