Question about "Stereo Aux Input"

I’m configuring my new pedalboard, with a mounted Aeros. I currently use both the “normal” mono L/R inputs on the back, and the Aux Stereo input on the side. In the past, I had my HX Stomp (LINE LEVEL) connect to the L/R inputs on the back, and my keyboard to the AUX stereo input on the side.

My question: Given that the HX Stomp is sending out a LINE LEVEL signal, can i plug the GUITAR into the AUX IN (stereo)? Is there any sonic difference between a LINE LEVEL guitar signal and a LINE LEVEL Keyboard signal so I can swap the inputs? This will make wiring my new rig easier.

tl/dr: Guitar through HX Stomp > Line Level to Aux In on Aeros with no loss in quality, instead of L/R inputs on back?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I see the issue, you’re saying the signals are all line level?

To be frank, a line level signal is a line level signal. Line (Lo Z) and Instrument (HiZ) levels refer to impedance. Basically the signal coming from a guitar or bass is typically HiZ, and line levels like Keyboards and the HX stomp line out are Lo Z.

There is no real huge danger in flipping them around, the biggest thing is mismatches can cause changes in level, so Lo Z (low resistance) signal into a HiZ (hi resistance) port would be slightly quieter, for example. It is not a hugely noticeable detail for most applications.

You should be fine.

Let me know if this makes sense!

Based on your answer, I think what I’m actually asking is: What are the resistances on the AUX in and the MONO inputs on the aeros? is the AUX IN low (assuming a keyboard or some other device) and the MONO inputs high assuming a guitar/bass? So:
AUX Stereo TRS input = ____ impedance / ___ Z
MONO L/R TS inputs = ___ impedance / ____ Z
Sorry to make this like a test, but can you please fill in the blanks?

You can set the impedance in the Device settings menu

OK! Thanks!

You can only set the impedance for the MAINS – there’s no option to set it for the STEREO AUX IN

Not sure why your question isn’t answered but I would assume the Aux in is Line Lvl. I believe you can set the output of the Helix to Line Lvl into the Aeros Aux in without problem. The best, obvious solution for you would be to simply use a small mixer to mix everything down appropriately and run that signal to your Aeros, either straight or through an aux out.

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Yep - that’s my assumption. Wouldn’t mind some official confirmation.

Hey there,

Yes you are correct, only the Main Ins are effected by this setting being toggled.

It might be relevant or not but…
A guitar straight into the AUX IN would not be great i believe. :slight_smile:
I guess it will sound quieter, loosing some frequencies and maybe only on the left, if you do stereo out (aux out). But then also i think you can fix that by summing to mono (in the settings, but im not sure if that affects the aux or only the main) and using some pedal/amp to boost the signal a bit.
@BrennanSingularSound am i correct?