Question about stereo:


I have a couple of questions relating to the stereo functionality of the Beatbuddy.

  1. When using a TRS Cable in the L (Mono) output, does it retain the stereo panning inherent in the .wav samples?
  2. In the BB digital settings, how does having it set to “Stereo” vs “Mono” affect the way the output(s) behaves? Could I have it set to Stereo and still have a cable from the Mono output?

That’s all, thanks!

  1. I believe it does if you don’t set it to mono in the settings
  2. If you set it to mono in settings, it blends/merges the stereo signal for the mono output.

Here are some posts on this:

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Helpful, thanks!

You mean only 1 trs cable on the l side and set to stereo? It is a good way to have a stereo sound??

The 1/4" output jacks are TS and plugging in a TRS plug is of no benefit as there is no connection in the jack that would connect to the ring part of the plug, hence the L(Mono) can only put out a summed stereo mono signal (there is no panned stereo, no stereo image) when Mono is selected in the setting or it will just output the left of a stereo signal when set to Stereo in the setting.

If you have a set of headphones (stereo with a TRS plug), plug them into the L(Mono) out (not the headphone out) and you find only one side will give audio regardless of the Mono/Stereo output setting. It may be noticed if you change the setting from Mono to Stereo while listening to a playing pattern that some of the instruments may decrease in volume as they switch to the right output.

If you need/want stereo you will need two 1/4" TS cables plugged into L(Mono) and R jacks with the output set to Stereo in the setting.

Thanks, Mark!

Do you know if it work to have a TS Y splitter (1F to 2M), in order have the stereo output into a single cable? Would I then need a TRS-plug cable to carry the stereo the rest of the way?

If like this breakout cable…

Yes, the stereo would be merged to a single TRS connector which could use a single TRS type cable to connect to the gear on the other end.
What is it you are trying connect to that has a TRS input?

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Ok, good to know. It’s a little complicated, but basically I’m working on a solution to the lack of headphone/main vol separation (referred to in this post) using external splitters and adapter cable.

I’m taking a guess that box like this is what you might be thinking of (but still not fully clear on what you’re trying to accomplish)…

You input the TRS cable into its input and can have headphones on one output and another output going to an amp (assuming the amp has stereo ins you would need another breakout cable to split out the TRS to L & R ins of the amp).

Just as a follow-up to this timely discussion. So if I run TS cables from the L output and R output of the BB into a stereo mixer (L output TS to L input TS, R output TS to R input TS), should that result in my mixer being able to control pan L and R of the BB? Or does that require TRS cables being used on the mixer inputs, even though the BB is TS only?

I’m assuming the inputs you are using on your mixer are the stereo pair and not individual channels. Using a stereo pair as inputs and with TS cables you may be able to control the balance of the L and R inputs. Left will remain left and right will remain right (you can’t make the left go right, nor the right go to left) and the balance control if the mixer has one will ‘balance’ the loudness of each side. On most mixers I’m familiar with the stereo pair input jacks are TS type. TRS cables will not do anything helpful for this connection.

If you use individual channels on the mixer (like Ch-1, Ch-2), you then could pan left and right to any position you want using the ‘pan’ controls. The jacks on the channel inputs are most likely TRS for a balanced connection, but have nothing to do with stereo connections.

What are you using for a mixer?

It’s an Ashly LX-308B Stereo Mixer. Right now the L output of the BB is going into Ch 1 L input and the R output of the BB is going into Ch 1 R input on the mixer. The jacks on the mixer or either TS or TRS, so I was really wondering if switching the cables between the BB and mixer from TS to TRS would have any effect on my ability to pan the BB. Thanks for your input! (no pun intended)

No, because you are still getting two mono signals out of the BB. If there is a pan control on the mixer for those two channels when linked together, the pan will act as a relative volume control. Center will have both channels at full volume, and as you deviate right or left, the channel you are moving away from will stay at full volume, while the one you are turning toward will gradually decrease in volume.

You would want to run two TS cables from the BB to the mixer.

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