Feature Request: Separate headphone jack audio from speaker output

I’d imagine something like this would be useful in a live setting, where you can listen to the Beatbuddy in headphones (say, to listen to a metronome click to ensure your loop is on tempo), without it coming through the speakers. That is, until you unplug the headphones, or use another way to fade the speaker output audio back into your mix.

I was surprised that reducing the volume with the main knob also meant quieting the headphone volume, even with its own dedicated wheel. I thought BB might digitally recognize when headphones are plugged in to enable independent gain adjustments–maybe this could be added to the next firmware update?

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Hey there,

This is not possible on the BeatBuddy with its given hardware

Thanks for the request

Ok, thanks for letting me know. A little annoyed that wasn’t figured into the design, but I’ve thought of a potential workaround using external equipment. Basically, it would take some kind of male to female splitter, either as a box or cable, where each output has independent volume control. With it plugged into the output of the BB, I could then plug headphones into one end of the splitter, and the speaker system into another, adjusting both as I see fit during a live setting.

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