Question Aeros Looper

Hi I am interested by the aeros loop i need this looper more like a sequencer to launch tracks by foot, is it possible to connect a boss Fs7 for example to change songs quickly like an rc 500 for example, on the boss you can switch track 1 to 99 quickly on the fs7 by up and down
thanks in advance

You’d need a midi controller like a Morningstar to do that.

To avoid needing a controller, just use the slideout menu. To open the menu, just hold down the bottom left button, and then use the wheel and the buttons to interact with the menu, or use the touchscreen.

Check out this cool video of how to make a setlist and then navigate the setlist using the Next Song and Previous Song options in the slideout menu:

The slideout menu can be edited to show/hide and/or rearrange the options on your slideout menu, check this out here: