Question Before Purchase of BB

I am thinking of buying BB and I wonder about the time it takes to load each song (I believe is the correct term for a drum pattern and its variations/fills/outro/intro)

Our setlist is really just a general guide or main list of songs. Most of the time it is whatever the band leader feels like for the given energy/mood of the crowd.

I would like to be able to call up via MSB/PC MIDI commands any song via my ipad (setlist maker app). I know the MIDI part works and I understand it and know how to do it but I was worried about the time it takes to load each song. We usually play non-stop so need to switch to a new/different song instantly with no delay/seamless.

Is this doable?

To give an idea, I usually have about 80 songs in a list of possible songs each gig.

It changes song in a split second. I have OnSong on my ipad and, as I swipe through songs, it instaniously loads them on the beat buddy.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

The only time it takes any time is when the unit loads a new drum set. Even that, though, takes only seconds.

I use setlist maker with bb. No problem at all. It’s instantaneous, not even noticeable. I would suggest though, to make it work even better, is to make sure every song on bb (use bbm) has the correct tempo. You don’t want to access a tune and have to bend over to reset tempo.
One issue that I do have is inconsistency of volume between midi selections…
. And unfortunately, volume can’t be set in bbm, only by knob on the pedal. I’ve run into a few problems re the volume issue when gigging. My solution to not bending over, was strapping the pedal to the mike stand with hand reach so it’s easier.

Thanks, Phil. That is some great insight!

Thanks, Joe.

Yep - that’s the way I do it. As mentioned later on, makes sure the tempo is at the rate you want. Works beautifully that way.

finally gotten around figuring out how to send midi to BB via SLM. I load the correct folder/song. However, when I test each of the MIDI presets while it is playing, it changes the BB but it stops. I have to manually restart each song with my foot.

ever had this issue? thankful for any info because we have to play a dancing set non-stop.