Question for you soundscapers re: ROP

Hey, fellow soundscaper/freeformers… some brainstorming, here. (note - I’ve already brought this up with Brennan and he’s replied - it may or may not be something that gets added)

Thankfully, we now have ROP and freeform… as you know, it currently has to be ROP or RPO. For me, a lot of times, I may lay down a texture or two that needs the seamless overdub, but I also often put in other things such as a melody or theme that repeats, that does not need the overdub. This, of course, presents a problem, as, when it goes right to overdub, that kind of screws up the melody or theme. Sometimes I can try to time it right and hit it real quick twice, and other times I’ll just go to next track, then delete that recording. Neither situation is optimal.

What are you all doing, in regard to this? Meaning, if you’re in ROP mode, but you don’t want to go right to overdub, how do you work around? Also, if SS were to address this (apart from midi commands), what do you thing would be the best way to address it? I’d think something like a long press when it’s time for the overdub would then put it into play mode and not start the overdub.

Overdub shouldn’t pick up any sound if you don’t play anything, so you just turn it off, and do the next track. Each track shouldn’t pick up a previous track so long as you send the sound out to the speakers, and not the mixer.

So I have Sound in from the mixer, and sound out to the speakers. Then nothing gets crossed over. Overdub is clear for me.

Not sure if that is what you mean, but I have background tracks too, and no problems.

Of course I do need lock track for the next part, which is coming in a later update.

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I’m not quite sure I follow you here.

Yes, I get the point about going to the next track after the overdub is closed, but it still starts recording, right away, and, depending on timing, I may not want to record, right away, so then I have to do an undo, right away… is there a way to go to next track and not record? I vaguely remember reading that may be coming.

Not sure what you mean about ‘sending out to the speakers and not the mixer’. My input is from my pedalboard, my out goes to my interface, which then goes to my speakers.

I did a recording by pressing the middle button, and then I stopped it, and then I pressed the right button. Nothing happened to my first recording, it was just playing, and looping with no gaps. It didn’t get over-written at all.

I go to a mixer, because I have about 6 instruments connected to the Looper. You probably don’t need to worry about the mixer.

Maybe I don’t understand you.

I think I’m not understanding you, either. When you say"pressing the middle button and stopped it’, you mean you went to the next track and immediately stopped the recording? That is what I was referring to, I was just hoping there was a way to go to the next track without recording, right away.

It sounds like a contradiction to me to go to the next track, and not record. Going to the next track means record the next track.

Surely you mean play the first track.

Anyway I was just trying out what you said, and my first track loops, I don’t need to record another track until I want to. The midi commands are a bit confusing, not sure if I want them on or not. It could be the midi that is starting your next recording.

I know. But this whole thread is about how to not go right to overdub when I’m in ROP mode, and I was thinking if I can just go to the next track instead of overdubbing, that would be a possible solution. It is a possible solution, but it’s also complicated by the fact that I have to quickly undo that next track, as I don’t want to record on it, yet. That make sense?

Oh you mean record over the first track. You should say it as “I want to record over the first track.”

That’s not overdub, that is replacing the first track.

Nope, that’s not what I mean. I’m just trying to think of ways to go to play mode and bypass the overdub when in ROP mode.

OK I was in RPO mode. Now I changed it to ROP mode, and now it records right away. So yes Overdub is now a problem.

Play should be automatic. Overdub should be an extra button press.

I think it’s not so simple, hence, the two modes. But Brennan did like my idea of a long press bypassing the overdub.

IMHO there is a long list of variations to state/actions in the Aeros that requires more control. You might need to mod the RPO behavior, others might want some action not to wait until the end of the loo or not, etc.

Hoping there is some sort of quick hand-free way to allow access to a variety of quick actions that meets your needs. Pushing for this to be a general purpose feature and not target to one groups specific need.