Question/Issue on how songs are "saved" and their content erased

Question regarding how saving and delating song content is supposed to work.

I will use a scenario to help explain. The scenario is 1) I load a song that I previously created and “saved” from the SD card or internal storage. This previously saved song has multiple parts and some tracks within some of those parts. 2) I continue to work with the song in current memory. One of the things I do is hold the start/stop button down and delete all of the parts and tracks. I lay down a few more tracks and then decide I don’t like what I just did. I do not “save” this current WIP version. 3) Now I want to go back and start over so I load the original song that I previously “saved” on the SD card or from internal storage. When I do this, I discover that the original song that I have saved does not have the original content. All of the original parts and tracks have been erased from this song.
Is that the way this is supposed to work!? If so, why would I want it to work this way? The action of holding down the start/stop button should NOT do anything to the file that I have deliberately saved. It should only act on the working copy in current (volatile) memory. What am I missing . Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you’re in that particular song, holding down the stop/start will erase it - period. You need to create a new song if you want to preserve your other saved song.

Thank you for the quick response. So when I reach a milestone and want to preserve my work, I need to create a new song with identical content and save it. What is the best way to do that? On thr Looper itself, I do not see a way to copy the contents of one song into another. In order to create an identical copy, it appears that I need to use the sd card to transfer the file to a pc in order to manage this file. Is this the best way to preserve my work? Thank you.

Yes copy to PC

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Can you confirm that the situation I describe above - holding down the Start/Stop button and then confirming the deletion of all the tracks in the song - is the ONLY action that will change the “saved” song without confirming that I want to save that particular change, or are there other switches that I could push on the looper that will change the “saved” song without confirming that I want the changes saved (by selecting yes upon exiting)? My fear is I am at a gig, I load up a song and I mistakenly push a sequence of buttons that can modify my saved song file. If this happens, it is bad business, as I cannot just reload the song. Thank you

Holding Start/Stop is to erase the song
If the song is saved and you use this way, the song gonna be erased of your sdcard or memory

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This will be a train wreck. As a safeguard, save all desired songs to SD card, make a copy (using a PC or MAC), make another SD card as a backup and take it with you to your gig. If you accidentally delete you could swap SD card and reload the song. Or make sure you don’t delete your song. I have a midi switch programmed to delete song (it is quicker than using the Aeros and it doesn’t play a snippet of the song before deleting) and accidentally deleted a song and had to recreate it. Thankfully I was only rehearsing and not performing.

I just want to make a note that yes, deletion is final and will delete previously saved content

There is never a change saved unless you save the song, clearing is the only case where saved content could be lost or altered in a saved song.

Clearing the song using Play Stop all is an undoable action

To help avoid losing the state of a song we have implemented a Copy feature in the 5.0.0 beta, now you can copy a song before making more changes to it.

Copies only retain saved progress, unsaved progress will not be copied.

Thanks for your questions and feedback

The new copy feature is very useful. Thank you.

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