Question / Issue RE: Saving Midi Files

I’m really enjoying the BBMO app! I am encountering one issue - or am doing something wrong…
When I “Save Track as Midi File” and give it a new name, the new file name does not show up. Even if I close the browser and restart, the midi file name is the same (although the revisions I made with the editor are showing.) My work-around is to go to the old BeatBuddy Manager and import the new midi file.

Any assistance would be appreciated! ~ Clem

So you create a new midi in BBMO and try to save it to your PC. How can you import it with BBM if you can’t save it in the first place? :thinking::sweat_smile:

Sorry if I wasn’t clear… The midi file (with a new name) is saved in BBMO, but in the BBMO interface, the midi file still reflects the old name. Even if I close the browser and re-launch BBMO, the old midi file name (not the new file name) shows in the BBMO interface.

However, if I open the same song in BB Manager, I can import the newly created midi file and it will show and save the correct midi file name. Does that make sense? Otherwise I’ll document with screenshots. Thank you!

This explanation makes better sense. Have you tried doing a web page refresh after naming the file?

Yes and also 1. saved the project 2. closed browser completely 3. reopened browser & app

I can confirm what Clemer’s problem is with BBMO. I did a “Save Track as Midi File” and give it a new name. The name was saved correctly in Windows Explorer. I then added a new part in a song in BBMO and then did an ‘Import MIDI File’ of the renamed MIDI file. When imported it retained the original name and not the new name. Importing the renamed file to a new part in the Legacy BBM the new name was displayed properly.
I’m not too happy with not having ‘Save Project As’ either and having to play games to simply rename a project to edit and rearrange songs.
Windows 11 using Chrome

Opened the renamed MIDI file with Notepad…
MThd  àMTrk œ ÿ#BeatBuddy Manager: http://localhost ÿCountry Beat #1 str B ÿQ ÿX $p 6x$ * |dx |% 6x% * tdx t$r 6x$ * |dx |% 6x% * tdx tÿ/

The original name is embedded in the file and likely is what BBMO is reading(?) The file gets renamed, but evidently not the metadata in the file(?)

MarkF48 did a better job describing the problem than I did. The problem should be easy to recreate. Also, I share the same hunch that BBMO continues to read the file’s old name embedded in metadata.

Windows 10 / Chrome